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  • SICE Account Information When Leaving IU
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IU Policies and Procedures

The School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering follows IU/UITS policy and procedure regarding account removal when you leave IU.  These IU policies are explained in these two IU KB pages:

Student Linux Accounts

For students leaving IU, the key part of the above documents is:

After two consecutive terms (fall, spring, and summer are each considered one term) during which you are not enrolled in any courses through the IU registrar, you will be notified by email and given a seven-day window before your accounts are disabled.

After you are no longer enrolled for 2 consecutive terms, your IU status will change to Former Student.  Shortly after that happens, you will receive an email informing you that your SICE Linux accounts will be removed in two weeks.  Included in that email is information about how you can keep your SICE Linux account with the proper sponsorship of a member of the SICE faculty.  So, if you are still doing collaborative work with a member of the SICE Faculty it is possible for you to keep your account with this sponsorship.

Student Email Note

It is possible for students to keep their IU Umail account indefinitely when they leave IU.  However, you should check out this IU KB page for further information:

This page has important information about passwords for access after your IU accounts are disabled so be sure and take care of that.