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BuildingAddressIU CodeHWDB
Luddy HallBL404IFUtilization    Floorplan   VLANs
Informatics East919 E 10th StBL990PIEUtilization    Floorplan   VLANs
Informatics West901 E 10th St


IWUtilization    Floorplan   VLANs
Smith Research Center 2805 E 10th StBL573SRUtilization   Floorplan   VLANs
CREST420 N Walnut StBL670BCRUtilization
GlobalNOC (formerly Communication Services)/D2I2715 E 10th StBL571CM
Geology 1001 E 10thBL417GYUtilization   VLANs
Simon Hall

212 S. Hawthorne Drive

BL070SIUtilization  VLANs
Teter Quad501 N Sunrise DrBL243TEUtilization   VLANS
MESH (Cyclotron)2401 N Milo B Sampson LnBL608CYUtilization
Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB)2709 E 10th StBL578CB
HouseAddressIU CodeHWDB
Red/Grad House815 E 10th StBL401BGHUtilization    Floorplan   VLANs
UnderGrad House821 E 10th StBL401ZUHUtilization    Floorplan   VLANs
Comm House823 E 11th StBL406VCHUtilization    Floorplan   VLANs
IT House608 E 12th StBL414DIHUtilization    Floorplan   VLANs
Ethos House713 E. Cottage GroveBL399GEHUtilization   VLANs
Park House (Robot)611 N. Park AveBL044APHUtilization   Floorplan   VLANs
Blue/Brick House (IoT)612 N Park AveBL049MBBUtilization   VLANs

Brick House (formerly Blue House)

711. N. Park AveBL401MBHUtilization   VLANs
Woodlawn House321 N Woodlawn Ave


WHUtilization   Floorplan   VLANs
New Lectures (Hogwarts House)611 N Woodlawn AveBL401GHHUtilization   VLANs


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