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April 20, 2018


All SICE hospitality expenses.

Reason for the SOP

To provide guidance to SICE employees arranging hospitality based on the new policies and procedures from IU (see references below), including IU's new Hospitality Policy and IUB's Hospitality SOP.


  • All SICE hospitality must comply with the SICE Alcohol and Entertainment Policy and IU Policy.
  • IUB Campus requires submission of a Hospitality Request for single events over $2,500.
  • SICE requires submission of a Hospitality Request for events over $50 that are not on the pre-approved SICE hospitality event list below. For the items below please use the listed object code:
    • General (Object 4025)  
      • Colloquia: coffee/cookies/fruit < $50 (should be charged to a colloquium sub account)
      • Faculty meetings: coffee/fruit/snacks < $7/head
      • Hospitality for visitors 
      • Kitchen supplies (coffee, creamer, sugar, etc.)
    • Conference & Workshops (Object 4026)
      • Hospitality for conferences and workshops 
    • Student (Object 4028) 
      • Pizza/snacks for student meetings < $7/head
      • Student engagement activities 
    • Student Recruiting (4046)  
      • Activities with prospective students, graduate and undergraduate
    • Faculty/Staff Recruiting (Object 4047) 
      • Faculty hiring activities (ALC sub object required for alcohol)

Budget Approval Process

Employees arranging hospitality must have preapproval (verbal or written) from the account manager that oversees the funds being spent. This can be a blanket approval, instead of by event, if the account manager prefers. Account managers must have funds available to approve hospitality. 


SICE Alcohol and Entertainment Policy

University Hospitality Expenditures

IUB Standard Operating Procedures Hospitality Policy

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