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All School constituents, volunteers and outside organizations.

Policy Statement

All SICE personnel should follow the IU polices and SICE procedures below when programs involving children.

IU policy for programs involving children

Reason for the Policy

To protect and safeguard children, all IU employees, volunteers, and outside organizations using IU facilities for programs that include children

Procedures and Tips

  1. Anyone associated with the program who works with children must have a background check at least every five years (including staff, temporary/hourly employees, students, academic, faculty and volunteers).

Background Check:

     2. The department must complete the online registration form at least 14 days prior to the start of a new program. Information should be re-entered or updated annually.

Program registration

     3. Program-specific policies and guidelines are required in order to ensure program staff and volunteers know how to handle and respond to situations if they occur during program activities.

     4. Use the PIC Program Guidelines Template as a starting point and a formatting guide.

     5. Please contact IU Public Safety with any questions or for assistance in reviewing responsibilities in a joint program.

Reporting Obligations

ANY person who suspects a child has been abused or neglected must report this information to the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) 1-800-800-5556, to their local law enforcement, or to the IU Police Department., (911 for emergency).

Faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and other university personnel MUST ALSO report any suspected abuse or neglect to the Indiana University Superintendent of Public Safety at   

This requirement cannot be satisfied by requiring volunteers to report to a supervisor. It is always the responsibility of the person who suspects the abuse or neglect to report to DCS or law enforcement, even if a supervisor is notified.

Child Abuse: Recognition and Reporting: This video explains how to recognize the warning signs of child abuse and your obligations to report suspected abuse and neglect.



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