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  • SICE Storage Services and Sensitive Data
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IU provides various storage services and publishes the acceptable sensitive data uses for these services here:

This document provides a similar listing for the services provided by the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering.

For further details, see the IU Institutional Data Management Policy and the Classifications of Institutional Data.

SICE Services

This table includes the storage services provided by the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering as well as services that have an associated storage components.  This table lists the highest classification of sensitive data allowed for each service and you can see the Classifications of Institutional Data document for guidance to determine what types of data fall under each classification.

Apollo (aka. bl-soic-apollo)Windows File Server, including individual user folders and the faculty and staff dropboxesCritical
GEMSSICE Graduate Education Management SystemCritical
NFSUnified Linux file servers including network home directories, /scratch, and /nobackupPublic
Research ServersVarious servers managed for research supportPublic
SICE Virtual MachinesVMs provided on SICE ServersPublic
II Virtual MachinesVMs hosted in the IU Intelligent Infrastructure systemCritical
Web ServersAll SICE web services including, but not limited to, homedirs/hyplans, the cgi/php server, and wordpressPublic
Workstations/Laptops/MobileLocal disks on individual computers, including workstations, laptop, and mobile devices like phones and tabletsPublic

Please note that this list is not all-inclusive.  Any service not listed in the above table should be assumed to have a highest institutional data classification allowed of Public.  If you have sensitive data that you need to store on SICE systems, please contact the systems staff to make arrangements for the secure handling of the data.

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