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  • SICE Timesheet Accuracy Policy for Students
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This policy applies to all SICE students hired as Temporary Employees within SICE.

Policy Statement
Per IU payroll policy “All Temporary employees are required to record hours worked in the University’s time keeping system, TIME, or another University-approved timekeeping system, using synchronous mode (clocking in and out to record actual time worked).”  Students not complying with this policy will be subject to progressive discipline up to and including termination.

Reason for the Policy
The reason for this policy is to communicate to student temporary employees the importance of following the IU payroll policy and the consequences of non-compliance. Non-compliance with this policy not only places SICE in non-compliance with IU policy, but also significantly increases the workload of SICE and other IU staff in having to make and/or approve timesheet corrections.

Before employment students will receive training on how to use the IU timekeeping system, the expectations of the IU payroll policy for accurate timekeeping, and the consequences of non-compliance laid out in this policy.

Students will receive a warning after every 2 timesheet corrections and/or after every four missed punches with increasing levels of consequences.

  • Warning 1 – email notifying the student of the timesheet error and first warning
  • Warning 2 – meeting with payroll staff to discuss issue
  • Warning 3 – meeting with Associate Chair and/or Supervising Instructor
  • Warning 4 – meeting with Associate Chair and/or Supervising Instructor with the discussion of possible termination if a good faith effort to improve is not made.

Students will start each semester with a clean slate and no prior warnings held against them.

Additional Requirements

Please cc on all communications with your faculty supervisor pertaining to timesheet matters.  For example, if you are out sick or running late, and are emailing your faculty supervisor to notify them, please also cc 

Responsible Parties
Students are solely responsible for ensuring accurate timesheets.  It is not the responsibility of the supervisor or the payroll office to remind students to punch in or out.

Timesheet Correction – correction to the timesheet made by the supervisor or payroll staff.

Missed Punch – correction made by employee within 24 hour of clock in. 

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