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  • Securing Your iPad For Use at Indiana University
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It is important that you take care to configure your iPad to be secure, and in compliance with Indiana University Mobile Device Security Standards. Following these policies are required if you are using this device to access data on the IU network, regardless of ownership of the iPad. So if you have recently received or purchased an iPad, and will be using it to access data on the IU network, please follow the directions below for proper setup, and registration. Once registered, it will be possible to remotely lock or wipe the iPad should it be lost or stolen. (If you have already setup an iPad, and wish to register it with this service, the iPad must be reset to factory default settings, and setup again following these instructions).

Notice: If you wish to do the following yourself, the iPad must first be registered with the Casper service. In order for it to be registered, you will need to supply the SoIC IT support group with the serial number of the iPad, and we will get that serial number to the Casper admins, and it they will register the iPad with the Casper service.

These instructions are to help you setup your new iPad for use at Indiana University, and ensure that you are in compliance with security policy IT-12.1*. Your iPad has been pre-enrolled in the Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Please complete the following steps to fully enroll your iPad, which will make the iPad compliant with IU security rules. Please do not plug the iPad into your computer, or log into an Apple account until you have completed the following.

- When you start up the iPad, you will need to select any wireless network you have access to, and login as necessary.

- The iPad will then find the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) server on campus that will do the setup and enroll your iPad. You may need to give it a minute. You will be asked if you want Indiana University to do the setup. Please accept that.

- You will then be required to login. This will be with your IU username and password.

- You will need to Accept/Trust any certificates that are presented, and select ’Next’ to get through the process. After a few seconds, the configuration will be finished. Touch ‘Get Started’.

- After a few minutes, you will get a message saying you have to create a passcode. Look towards the bottom of the screen, and touch ‘Passcode Options’. Select ‘Custom Numeric Code’ to use numbers only for your passcode. Select ‘Custom Alphanumeric Code’ to use numbers and letters for your passcode. For either choice, the passcode must be six characters long. Please create your passcode, and you are now ready to use the iPad.

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please post a request to the SoIC Helpdesk:

* If you have questions about security policy IT-12.1, please see: