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  • Set-up PrintFile and Dymo Printers
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Installing and set-up of essential tools for Symplicity and events to be used by Career Services devices

Step-by-step guide

Obtaining software: 2 software packages needed for setup to print to career fair devices:

  1. PrintFile software
  2. DYMO label printer software

To verify Version, Requirements or Installation instructions, please see PrintFile Easy Printing In Windows

 PrintFile software setup:

  1. Download software ( ) and install at c:\Windows\Program Files (x86)\PrintFile\prfile32.exe
    1. Once installed, open "prfile32.exe"

    1. Select "Print File" and verify (change if necessary) the program is set to:
      1. Look in: Downloads (this is where Symplicity stores student data)
      2. Files of Type: PostScript Files (*.ps)
      3. Click Cancel and exit "Print File"


  1. Select "Settings" and verify the following is checked:
    1. Verify in Current Settings:

      1. Default Settings

    2. General:
      1. Quit when handled command line
      2. Show settings name in header

    3. Printer:
      1. Use Default
        ***** IMPORTANT*** Verify Dymo is selected as default printer once setup and install is complete as described in the the Dymo Section of this page.

    4. Select "Save" if any changes are made to return back to "PrintFile Settings"
  2. At "PrintFile Settings, under "More":
    1. Select "Text File"
      1. Within "Text File Settings" box:
        1. In "Text file action":
          1. Send to printer is selected
        2. Formatting options is set to:
          1. Size:
            1. Lines per page: 75
          2. Font:
            1. Courier
          3. Header:
            1. &f&c&d&rPage&#(&t)
          4. Footer:
            • blank 
          5. Tab width
            1. 3
          6. OEM translation
            1. Never
      2. Select "OK" to exit Text File Setting's box

    1. At the "PrintFile Settings", under "More", select "PostScript"
      1. Within the PostScript Settings, verify the following is checked (and change if necessary)
        1. General:
          1. Use end of file character (^D)
          2. Enable page selection
          3. Warn for non PostScript Printers

          4. Encapsulated PostScript:
            1. Center on Page
        2. Select "OK" to save any changes and return back to "PrintFile Settings"
        3.  Under "More" select "N-up" and verify the following:
          1. Layout:
            1. Pages Wide: 2
            2. Pages High:
            3. Orientation:
              1. Landscape
            4. Page Order:
              1. Horizontal
            5. Draw Frame: Checked
            6. Fame Width: 0.30
          2. Margins in Inches:
            1. Left: 0.70
            2. Right: 0.35
            3. Top: 0.35
            4. Bottom: 0.35
            5. Horizontal gutter: 0.10
            6. Vertical gutter: 0.10
        4. Select "OK" to save any changes and return to "PrintFile Settings"
    2. At "PrintFile Settings" select "Conversion"
      1. Verify nothing is checked
        1. Enable conversion: Text Files
          • blank
        2. Program:
          • blank
        3. Parameters:
          • blank
        4. Show conversion program window
          • blank
        5. Conversion program handles printing
          • blank
      2. Select "OK" to exit "Conversion Settings"
    3. Select "Save" to exit "PrintFile Settings"
    4. Select "Exit" to exit "PrintFile Default Settings"

To verify Version, Requirements or Installation instructions, please see Dymo Downloads: Software, Drivers and User Guide

DYMO label printer software setup:

  1. Download software ( dls8setup.8.7.exe ) and install in C:\Windows\Program Files\Dymo\DLS8Setup.8.7.exe
  2. Once installed open the program: Dymo Label v.8 (located on Desktop or C:\Windows\Program Files (x86)\DYMO\DYMO Label Software\DLS.exe )
  3. To setup the Printer
    1. Ensure the printer is set with the proper (Continuous Non-Adhesive 2.25" x 300 ft)
      1. Select "Label Type"
        1. Within "Label Type":
          1. Select from the Drop-down menu: Specialty/Retail Labels

          2. Within "Click on label to select layout"
            1. Select: Continuous Non-Adhesive 2.25" x 300 ft
              1. Within the pop-up menu "Select layout"
                1. Select option "Click here to enter text"
      2. While in the DYMO Label Window
        1. Click "Click here to enter text" text box

        2. While focused in the textbox, enter the following settings (top row to bottom):
          1. Change label orientation: Landscape
          2. Font: Arial
          3. Font Size
            1.  Create three lines bye typing the following followed by Shift+enter to create a new line
              1. Type "FirstName"
                1. Highlight the data and change the font size to 24, select "B" (Bold)
              2. Type "LastName"
                1. Highlight the data and change the font size to 20, select "B" (Bold)
              3. Type "Program"
                1. Highlight the data and change the font size to 18

          4. Select "Properties"
            1. In "Text Object Properties" menu
              1. In the "General" Tab
                1. Color Settings:
                  1. Text Color: black
                  2. Background color: none
                2. Function as variable object:
                  • blank
                3. Text effects
                  1. Vertical Text
                    • blank
                  2. Mirror
                    • blank
                4. Text Scaling:
                  1. Shrink to Fit
                5.  Horizontal Alignment
                  1. Select:  Left
                6.  Vertical Alignment
                  1. Select: Middle
              2. In the "Advanced" tab
                1. Under "Object margins", set the following (if needed)
                  1. Left: 0.10"
                  2. Right: 0.10"
                  3. Top: 0.00"
                  4. Bottom: 0.00"
                2. Object Scaling:
                  1. Fixed
                3. Reference Name:
                  1. TEXT
                4. Position and size:
                  1. Left: 0.37"
                  2. Top: 0.12"
                  3. Width: 3.65 **IMPORTANT** Based on Symplicty, sized to fit in name badge holders
                  4. Height: 2.21"
                5. Rotation:
                  1. None
              3. Select "OK" to save changes
          5. At the bottom of DYMO Label printer layout
            1. Verify:
              1. Continuous Non-adhesive is selected
                1. if not, please refer to proper paper type settings above
          6. Verify the "Default Printer" is active "LabelWriter 40 Turbo"
            1. If not
              1. Select Windows "Start Menu"
                1. Select "Devices and Printers"
                2. Right Click "DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo"
                  1. Select:
                    1. Set as default Printer
          7. Verify Length is set to "Auto"
        3. Once all All settings are complete, you may test a document.
          1. Make sure the printer is connected and powered on
            1. select "print"
      3. Save the Label as "NameBadgeXXXX" (XXXX is a placeholder for the year the badge is to be used for Career Fairs)
  4. Set up where the saved label is automatically selected when opening the program:
    1.  From the DYMO Label menu, select "Edit"
      1. Select "Preferences" from the drop down menu
        1. Within the Preferences windows, click "functional" tab

          1. Verify
            1. "options" is blank
            2. "Default number if copies to print" is set to "1" copies
          2. Within "Stratup Label"
            1. Select "always start with this label"
              1. Select "Browse" button
                1. Navigated to:
                  C:\Users\soicjobs\Documents\DYMO Label\Labels\NamebadgeXXXX.label
                2. Click "Open" to save path
          3. Select "OK" to exit "Preferences"
  5.  Click "Exit" (X) to exit DYMO Label software