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These are the current options, and who is checking these accounts:


<option value="">Question about undergraduate programs and/or admission</option>

Nancy’s people monitors this one (noted below 12/15)


<option value="">Question about Computer Science graduate programs and/or admission</option>

Shawn D & Rachael H at CS watch this one; also they have it listed as their email on our people pages.


<option value="">Question about Informatics graduate programs and/or admission</option>

Cheryl and/or her student worker monitors this one.


<option value="">Question about ILS graduate programs and/or admission</option>

Corey Tarbell at ILS checks it.


<option value="">Question or comment about the website</option>

This account forwards to dwray@indiana.


<option value="">Not sure / general information / other</option>

This account forwards to

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