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  • Using the Epson Scanner in IW010
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The Epson V330 Scanner offers options for fast, easy scans, as well as more extended capabilities, such as scanning a document directly to email, creating a PDF file from several documents, copying documents, and scanning film and slides. You can also scan documents directly into applications that support the TWAIN import protocol, such as Adobe Acrobat. If an application supports this function, it will be listed in a menu/import selection as 'Import from Scanner', or from a TWAIN source, where you can select the scanner.
This document will explain the basic procedures for quickly using the scanner for simple applications. For more elaborate projects and jobs, please refer to the documentation located in: /Applications/Epson Software/Guide/pv33_v330_e. There you will find INDEX.HTM. Open this file in a browser, and follow the Guide for greater details on the full capabilities of the Epson V330 Scanner. For quick scanning jobs, place your document on the scanner document table, and then follow these instructions below:

I. Using the Scanner Buttons.
You will notice 4 buttons on the corner of the scanner. They are:

a.  Scan to E-mail button
b.  Scan to PDF button
c.  Copy button
d.  Power/ Start button

You can start Epson Scan just by pressing the  Start button on the scanner. The Epson Scan window automatically opens. See 'Selecting an Epson Scan Mode' for details on Scan Mode options in the Guide.
You can also start scanning by pressing the following buttons on the scanner:
 Scan to PDF button lets you scan multiple originals and save them as one PDF file on your computer. See 'Scanning to a PDF File' in the Guide for details.
 Scan to E-mail button lets you scan and attach the image file to an e-mail message. See 'Scanning Directly to E-mail' in the Guide for details.
 Copy button lets you use your scanner along with a printer connected to your computer just like you would use a copy machine. See 'Using the Scanner as a Copier' in the Guide for details.
II. Using the Scanner Software.
Optionally, you can use the scanner software to do a scan. Go to /Applications/Epson Software/ and double-click on the EPSON Scan icon. Once the application window has opened, you can navigate through the menus to do all of the above mentioned types of scans, as well as more elaborate scanning jobs.

Please note that you should not save files on this computer, Info Mac-1, that you will want to keep. All saved files will be deleted upon your log out.
If you wish to scan film or slides, please see Dave Cooley in Informatics West, room 204 to get the necessary media tray. Please read all instructions in the Guide before attempting to scan film or slides.
Post problems, or requests for help at:

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