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  • When Someone Leaves Luddy, What to do About Their Profile
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When faculty or staff leaves Luddy you will receive a ticket letting you know to go in and make changes to the personnel change checklist.

What the web team does is go into the MySQL database and inactivate the person.

  1. Navigate into the soicweb_soic_faculty_profile database
  2. Edit the profile table
  3. Find their record and change the "is_active" field to a 0.

This should inactivate them and remove them from anywhere on the website.

Once this is done, you will need to go into the web page and check the profile pages to make sure the person is no longer listed anywhere.

Then you will want to go up to the search box at the top of the page and do a search for the person (make sure that the This site is marked)

This will bring up what google has stored in their search engine for this person.

If links do come up you will need to do the following:

Log into ( find the username and password in the password list in the KB).

In the Google Search Console (Google Index- Remove URLSclick on the Create a new removal request

Go back to the search page on the SoIC website and copy the first link (it's probably a profile page with that persons profile number at the end of it)

Paste it into the box on the Google Search Console page and click continue.

It will now show the link you are requesting to be removed, and show a reason why it needs to be taken off. It should already be set on Remove page from search results and cache if not, this is what you want it set to, then click submit request.

Continue these steps until you have entered in all of the links that show up on the search page for the person you are removing.

When you are finished with this, go into the Personnel Change Procedure and Checklist page find the person you have been removing from the website, and scroll down to the Communications section of this list in the Web Directory line, type in your username, if they are faculty and you had to remove them from the Faculty division pages, put your username in this box. Go to the WCMS line, there won't be many with WCMS permissions, but you should check to make sure they did not have permissions to edit the website, if so, this permission will need to be taken off. Next go to the Web line and put in your username as well as a note stating that you entered in links in the Google Search Console that were showing this person in the search and put in a removal request.

When this is done, you are done. 

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