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Charge to the group

  • Roles - what each team is responsible for - some blurriness there. Identify the issues that don't seem to have clear ownership and work on those first.
  • Identify specific "pain points" that point to out-of-date or unclear standards, policies, and procedures. Prioritize which ones are most important to address first. Make people aware of them
  • Governance of ES/EI priorities. Inevitably there are conflicting goals and we need a way to resolve them Increase transparency across teams on our priorities and goals.
  • Identify how we can better communicate and educate each other and find these policies and procedures. Communication needs to come out of this group that actually makes this happen and reaches all of the appropriate people.
  • Improve inter divisional communications.
  • Foster trust between groups that leverage their expertise.
  • Forums for getting answers and establishing policies about:
    • Security (Who determines access to systems and databases - Sas, DBAs, others?)
    • Auditing (As access and special configurations are made how are they reviewed over time?)
    • Efficiency vs Flexibility (Standardization allows efficiency but special requests still roll in)
    • Documentation (Time for good documentation and adequate review by affected parties. Documentation of these processes.)
    • Testing (Consistent practices or better forums to assure adequate testing is possible)

The Operational Efficiency group will be the primary committee to review and revise team missions, services, roles and responsibilities, standards and procedures that are needed to support Enterprise Applications

  • review team missions and how they have evolved over time
  • look for gaps and overlaps in services to determine which team(s) should provide those services
  • identify staffing issues
  • identify outstanding issues, define subcommittees to research and recommend solutions back to the Operational Efficiency
    *define internal standards for collaboration tools and document storage

Develop a combined approach between the application areas and infrastructure areas to:

  • deal with prod, test, and security issues
  • develop a set of standards and procedures for quality assurance
  • set priorities for infrastructure projects and application area projects, including application-to-application only overlaps
  • establish a project owner for a change that impacts more than one area
  • establish project plan (which includes time lines, task owners, unit and performance testing)
  • define clear roles and responsibilities, and make recommendations to address the gaps our current setup
  • identify pain points that point to outdated standards, processes, and procedures
  • need some sort of governance of EI/ES priorities, transparency across teams (governance of priorities)
  • documentation, put priority on having good documentation, adequate review by affected parties...
  • testing, consistent practices, testing strategies (exception management)
  • coordinated testing, batch server move...
  • master plan or vision for what things should look like after this effort
  • To develop a set of policies and procedures easily understood by everyone
  • To emphasize that "agility" sometimes means doing the right thing instead of the quick thing
  • To provide continual training on the above for new and current employees

Goals for this group

Deliverable's from the group

  • List of "blurry" ownership
  • List of "blurry" policies and procedures
  • Prioritizing those lists
  • Forming subcommittees to address specific projects that need resolution
  • Documentation that clearly defines roles and responsibilities of each team, services they are responsible for and goals/objectives for each team. Focus on "blurry" ownership issues first.
  • Identify the list of "blurry" policies and procedures, come up with a plan for addressing definition and documentation (ie charge subcommittees to define and document recommendations).
  • Prioritizing the list of deliverables
  • Correlate priorities with the EP plans.
  • documentation needs, a road-map
    • needs to be bottom up
    • need standards (format, where to store)
  • process reviews
    • Change Management, ESIT
    • use of tools such as Footprints
  • Revised Team Mission Statements
  • Consolidated List of Services by Teams
  • Identification of additional staffing needs & recommendations for meeting these needs
  • Cross Team Project Plan Template
  • Consolidated List of Standards (development, project planning, work requests, production problem reporting, troubleshooting, etc- includes identifying a std toolset)
  • Define Standard Policies & Procedures (ex. Production migrations, quality assurance reviews, swat procedures, change management, etc)
  • Procedures for Documenting and Communicating overall Project Priorities
  • Identify a process for defining and revising standards and procedures
  • A policy and procedures manual that is easy to access and maintain (i.e., on the web) and staff to maintain it
  • A roles/responsibilities document
  • Periodic in-person meetings of all staff to develop relationships and an understanding of the whole picture
  • A glossary or common vocabulary for terms like "production-ready"
  • A governance team, probably director-level with support from the AVPs

Group membership

Member User Name

Member Name

Area Represented


Aaron Neal

HR Dev Mgr


Ailish Byrne

KFS Dev Mgr


Andy Korty



Cinda Haff

Prod Svcs Mgr


Mike Egolf



Craig Spanburg

ES Webtech


Kevin Eder



Eric Westfall



Jeremy Hopf



John Pillans



Jim Thomas

EBS Director


Karen Watkins

OnCourse Mgr


Allen Fox

HR Lead Java Dev


Mark Fyffe

SIS Java Dev


Becky Gribble



Rob Lowden

EI Director


Dan Young



Sandy Thompson

SIS Dev Mgr


Tara Bazler



Terry Durkin

Research Systems dev mgr


Brian McGough

ESID Director


Dan McDevitt

ESI Group Manager


Dennis McGreer

Library dev mgr


Geoff McGregor

Research Systems Lead


Julie Parmenter

SIS Dev Mgr


Jim Julovich

EBS team mgr


Sara Chambers

EAS Director


Kevin Eder


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