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This page has moved.  Please see:

       IT Policy: Faculty/Staff Computer Lifecycle



This policy applies to the computing equipment provided to the faculty members (including lecturers and visiting lecturers) of the School of Informatics and Computing purchased using School funds other than department or startup funding. This policy will also be applied to School staff but requires the request be approved by the staff member’s supervisor and the Director of IT. This policy covers ONE machine per 3-year lifecycle. 


The IU School of Informatics and Computing is committed to ensuring that each faculty and staff member has access to a modern computing platform to support the mission of the School. In the fulfillment of this commitment, this policy is designed to guide the regular replacement of computing equipment.


When the standard 3-year life cycle on an existing system ends, the options for replacement are as follows:

Pick from one of the standard configurations in the table below. At the end of the 3 year cycle, the system will be replaced per this policy and the old system re-deployed within the school or disposed of in accordance with IU policies.
  • Propose a custom configuration. SoIC will provide up to $1500 toward a single system. (Custom configurations may require some consultation with IT staff to ensure that the purchase is compliant with all IU and SoIC purchasing policies.)

    For the full details, see the policy statement below.

    Standard Configurations*

    Machine Type
    Supported OS

    Dell Optiplex 7040 Desktop/Mini Tower

    Windows or RHEL


    256GB SSDSingle 27" or Dual 24" (non-touch)Intel i7 Quad


    Dell Optiplex 7440 Desktop/All-In-One

    Windows or RHEL


    256GB SSD23.8" Touch + 24" non-touchIntel i7 Quad


    Dell Latitude 7470 LaptopWindows16GB256GB SSD14" QHD (2560x1440) TouchIntel i7 Dual3.2lbs
    iMacMac OS16GB256GB SSDBuilt-in 27"Intel i5 Quadn/a
    Mac MiniMac OS16GB256GB SSDDual Dell 24"Intel i7 Dualn/a

    Macbook Pro

    Mac OS16GB256GB SSD13" RetinaIntel i5 Dual


    *Standard desktop configurations have been selected to facilitate redeployment at the end of the lifecycle period. If the standard configuration is not adequate, a custom configuration may be selected. Minor upgrades to the standard configurations such as a larger SSD or more memory are not considered custom configurations in this case. However, the additional cost incurred by the upgrade must be paid for from other sources such as start-up funds, unit  funds, or departmental funds (NOTE: grant funds are ineligible for this lifecycle process).



    Reminder: All mobile devices must be encrypted per IU Policy IT-12.1

    Dual boot systems are not supported, but a second OS in a VM can be supported.

    Any system purchased with Lifecycle funds must include a parts and labor warranty of no less than 3 years.

    Policy Statement

    Life-cycle replacement of faculty computing equipment is intended to ensure that their primary computing resource is sufficiently modern and powerful. To this end, the School of Informatics and Computing will replace a faculty member’s primary machine at a regular interval. This interval will typically be 3 years.

    A standard configuration machine will be redeployed to a secondary location within the School for at least an additional year beyond the lifecycle period. Custom configuration machines will not be redeployed. The additional use beyond the end of the lifecycle period is the reason for the higher level of funding available for the standard configuration options.

    For custom configurations, the faculty member will maintain discretion on the deployment of the computing equipment within the policies related to the management of IU property.

    The standard configuration options will be determined each year based on available funds, price-performance analysis, and market conditions. This baseline cost will be used to establish the available funding for the custom configuration option.

    The manufacturer’s warranty of at least 3 years must be included in the purchase of the machine for all of the options.

    This policy is subject to change based on periodic review, budgetary constraints, or other factors deemed necessary by the Director of IT with the approval of the Director of Finance.


    Exceptions to Policy

    Will be granted only in very rare and unusual circumstances. All exceptions are subject to approval by the Director of IT with the approval of the Director of Finance. In almost all cases the custom configuration option outlined above is designed to handle any exceptional needs.