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This document describes the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering Linux systems that are available for use via console/gui logins and remote ssh logins. This includes only the Unified Linux Systems owned and managed by the school for general use by all SICE faculty, staff, and students. There are many other standalone and grant-purchased systems that are not part of the common pool of available Linux systems and, therefore, are not included here. If you have any questions about the availability and use of any of these systems, please contact us.

IU/IUTS Research Systems


  • Burrow - The Burrow systems are available to all SICE faculty, staff, and students (both graduate and undergraduate students in CS or Informatics) as well as non-SICE students who are taking CS or Informatics classes requiring use of these systems. Accounts are created automatically for all SICE graduate students and for undergraduate students taking certain SICE classes. If you are a faculty, staff, or undergraduate student in the CS or Informatics program and do not already have a Burrow account, you can request an account using the Help Desk. Note that account requests for non-SICE students should come from the instructor of the class using these systems.
  • Sharks - The Sharks systems are available to all SICE faculty, staff, and graduate students (CS and Informatics). Access can also be granted to undergraduate and non-SICE students and guests with sponsorship by a member of the SICE faculty. Accounts are created automatically for all SICE graduate students (CS and Informatics). Accounts for other users can be created by having the faculty sponsor make the account request using the Help Desk.
  • iris/cat - ILS maintains login servers iris and cat. Iris is available to those currently taking SICE graduate level courses. Cat is reserved for faculty/staff. These hots provide command line access and mount ILS Linux home directories.
  • Ella/Info - ILS maintained web servers. Include support for perl,php, etc. (running as user). Ella is for use by those currently enrolled in SICE graduate level courses. Info is for faculty, staff and professional associations. 
    • Accounts for the above listed ILS servers are generated based on enrollment data provided by the registrar near the start of each semester. 
    • Web based tools to kill one's own runaway scripts and to view one's own error logs are pre-loaded into users' web accounts – password protected behind a secure login.