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The School of Informatics , Computing, and Engineering maintains a highly distributed, heterogeneous, networked computing environment consisting of Linux, Windows, and Macintosh workstations and servers across 4 primary facilities (12 auxiliary). This includes over 400 Linux workstations/servers, over 500 Windows workstations/servers and over 200 Apple workstations/servers. There are 3 Linux clusters to support School research and 6 dedicated virtual machine servers are available to host VMs for both research and instruction.  In addition, all members of the school have full access to the vast array of computing systems provided by the central IU IT organization, including the Big Red II 3 Cluster (1020930-node CPU/GPU cluster) and the Scholarly Data Archive (42PB 79PB of storage).

The network infrastructure at the School provides a minimum 1000Mbps gigabit ethernet connections to all workstations and all servers as well as 802.11a/b/g wireless connectivity. The facilities have multiple 1 and 10 gigabit connections with campus and research backbones which provides high-speed access to university and worldwide computing resources.