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Welcome to the School of Informatics and Computing! The IT and Facilities teams at the School would like to do as much as possible to ease your transition. The School has 12 facilities and IT staff members that have a wide breadth of experience and a desire to assist you. We understand that it   It is easy to get overwhelmed when coming into a new environment. Summarized , with the goal of easing the on-boarding process, summarized below are some key resources that you will need for your work here.

Getting Help

At SoIC, help is available! Whether it's a technology/facilities issue, or a general question, the SoIC Service Desk is here to help. The SoIC Knowledge Base provides a wealth of information about using school resources and the Service Request Form can be used to submit questions, requests, and problem reports to the staff. You are also welcome to stop by at either Informatics West room 204 or Lindley Hall room 428 which are staffed from 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday. No matter which option you choose, we're here to help!


Your initial computing account at IU will be created through University Information Technology Services (UITS) account creation interface:  There is a very good reference in the UITS Knowledge Base that describes the process: This interface allows to create account on a variety of University systems. If you are having problems with your accounts take a look at this SoIC Knowledge Base article on troubleshooting the issue:Account and Email Problem Debugging Flowchart.

Building Access

Lindley Hall

Building access in this facility uses your IU Student ID card. To learn more about ID cards see Campus Card Services. After getting your new ID card, take it to Lindley Hall 215 to have it entered into the building system. In addition to your card, you will need to provide your student ID number. You will have 24-hour access to the building as well as several computer labs, conference rooms, and the kitchen. You may request additional access as needed (research group labs, office suite where you are assigned, etc).

If you lose your card, please report it immediately to Lynne in LH215.

Informatics East & West

Submit a Service Request or send email to and ask for a building access card.  Include your name and IU username (your IU email address).  You'll receive 24-hour access to the buildings, plus access to classrooms, meeting/conference rooms, and computer labs (West 109 is a general-use and classroom lab and West 010 is a graduate student lab).  If you need access beyond these areas (your office, the lab you work in, etc) please include this information in your request.  When your request is completed and your card is ready, you will receive an email instructing you to pick up your new card from West 204.

Communication Needs

For help with business cards, press releases for research, or questions about communications in general, contact Jim Shea 

Teaching Resources

Research Resources

Payroll, benefits and more

OneStart - This IU Portal is your resource for many online services such as timekeeping, benefit information, PTO, finances, travel, and policies.

Policies and Procedures


Please be considerate of your fellow students, and make sure doors are closed and locked if you are the last person to leave a lab or office area. If you are working late at night, we recommend that doors not be kept open.

Fire drills are conducted occasionally. If the fire alarm is activated, please evacuate the building immediately, closing doors as you leave. Floor wardens will direct you to the designated evacuation area, where you should wait for permission to re-enter the building. If you need to leave (to go to a class, for example) be sure to tell one of the floor wardens before you go.

The campus uses a system of outdoor sirens to warn of severe weather (tornado, or cyclone). A continuous tone indicates a tornado warning, meaning that you should move to an interior room on a lower floor, away from windows and exterior doors. These sirens are tested at noon on the first Friday of each month. You should also sign up for emergency notifications via personal media.

News and Events

Stay informed about what is happening at the school through the homepage, master calendar of events, and our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube.






SoIC Knowledge Base



SoIC Help Request Form



IU Knowledge Base


will be of assistance. The school is fortunate to have staff with years of experience to assist you. 

Things to do

Create a profile on our SICE website:

  1. We would like to add you to our SICE website people directory found here:
  2. To create a web profile, follow this link and the directions under ‘Adding a New Profile Page 
  3. You can either upload a favorite photo, or our staff photographer is happy to take your picture for the website. Once you complete the information, a staff member will contact you when your profile is online.

Explore SICE Knowledge Base (KB)

Things to know

Your role in data stewardship

  1. All at IU must be vigilant guardians of data security.  Learn how IU classifies data
  2. Learn how to store and share IU data - explore IU’s Data Sharing and Handling Tool  Select a data domain from the pull-down and the tool will guide you to the best practice for storing and sending data.
  3. Be aware of phishing scams  

Get started with IT at IU

One.IU - a portal for everything

  • One.IU is the access portal to most IU services like payroll, benefits, and classified ads:   sign-in and start searching for more information!