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  • Creating an Account and Forwarding Email in Exchange

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UPDATE Aug 17th, 2017: There has been a change in account creation procedures at IU that affects new graduate students so .  As a result, the information you may might have received during orientation may or may not be accurate, depending on when and how your accounts were created.  Previously, both graduate and undergraduate students received a Umail email account by default.  This has now changed for new graduate students who will receive only an Exchange account by default , and they will not receive a Umail account, by default.  As a result, new graduate students may not need to bother with the creation of an Exchange account and associated forwarding if they have only the Exchange account.  You can see what accounts you have per How can I view my personal or group UITS computing accounts?  However, if you were an undergraduate student at IU before becoming a graduate student then you will have a Umail account and likely won't have the Exchange account so the instructions on this page still apply.  If you are confused and have questions, please let us know.