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  • Creating an Account and Forwarding Email in Exchange

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  1. Go to the Outlook web interface at If your account was just created and you get an error (see note above) please wait and try later as it take some time for the account to fully propagate (as long as the next day).  If prompted, you will need to set up DUO 2-factor authentication.
  2. Near the upper right corner, click the Settings icon (looks like a gear) and select Options from the menu. 
  3. On the left menu, select organize email.
  4. Under Inbox Rules, click New (the + icon) and select 'create a new rule for arriving messages...'
  5. Under Name, give this rule a meaningful name (like "Forward all messages to gmail")
  6. Under "When the message arrives, and:", use the drop-down menu to select [Apply to all messages].
  7. Under "Do the following:", use the drop-down menu to select Redirect the message to...
  8. An addressbook window will pop up.  Go to the top of that window and in the "To" field, enter the address to which you want to forward your email, and then click OK. Please note that you should NOT use an address of the form or here. If you have your or address forwarded to some other location, enter that target address (eg. for the IU Gmail system) explicitly here and not or


    Please note that it might be against IU policy for faculty, staff, and student employees to forward their IU email to mail systems outside of IU (such as gmail, yahoo, personal email server, etc).  Faculty and staff (including students working as AIs/UIs per About email for graduate SAAs and Student use of email for work-related purposes) receive email to their IU account that may include sensitive data (including, but not limited to, FERPA-protected communications with students).  The only qualified email system for such potentially sensitive data is the Exchange system.  Other non-IU mail systems (such as gmail) are not an IU-approved place to receive sensitive data.  In order to be completely in compliance with IU policy, our recommendation is that faculty, staff, and student employees who are Associate Instructors forward all IU email to an Exchange account and not forward it to unapproved non-IU email systems (including gmail).

  9. Click on 'More Options..."
  10. Click the 'Add Action' button and select 'Move, copy, or Delete' -> 'Move the message to folder', and select the Junk E-Mail folder. If you don't delete messages after forwarding they will accumulate on the Exchange server and you will eventually hit your disk quota and email may bounce.  When you move a message to the Junk E-Mail folder it will be automatically deleted after 5 days.
  11. In the New Inbox Rule window, click Save.
  12. If asked if you want to apply this rule to all future messages, click Yes


If you have chosen to forward your Exchange email to some other account, It is possible that you received email on the Exchange server during the time period from when you created your Exchange account (step 1) and when you created the forwarding rule (step 2b). If so, that email should show up in the Outlook Web inbox but will not get forwarded. You can just read/reply/delete any messages that show up there directly from the Outlook Web Interface.