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  • Donna Arkins ~
    Director of IT and Web 
    • Directs all IT efforts for the School ranging from major initiatives for research computing to desk-top and mobile computing needs for faculty, staff and students.
    • Leads nine IT staff who manage more than 500 computers and hundreds of software packages across the School.
    • Develops, troubleshoots, and maintains the School’s central website and other key online presences
    • Works with faculty and staff to ensure that the content and functionality of these websites is complete, accurate, and both engages and meets the needs of our target audiences
    • Submit IT needs to:

    • Erick Adienge ~
      Sr. Software Engineer

    • Lynne Crohn ~
      Large Systems Specialist
      • Windows central servers, Windows clients, central printing, Active Directory group policy administration
      • Lab and STC software requests
      • Microsoft Developer Academic Alliance Coordinator

    • Rob Henderson ~
      Senior Systems Specialist
      • Central services support (email, mailing lists, web, file, backups, etc)
      • Linux system administration
      • Research computing support and application consultant

    • Bryce Himebaugh ~
      Computer Engineering Specialist
      • Hardware/Software engineering support and development
      • Technical leadership of school business intelligence systems
      • Research computing support
    • Caleb Hess ~
      Senior Hardware Engineer
      • Hardware/Software engineering support and development
      • Lindley Hall building issues and service requests
      • Lindley Hall building security

    • Tj Jones ~
      Senior Hardware Engineer
      • Macintosh administration and support
      • Communications media, i.e., Polycom, Skype, and telephone conferencing
      • Requisitions and ordering of equipment and supplies
      • General user support

    • Bob Konicek ~
      Software Engineering Specialist
      • Linux OS and linux software installation, account management
      • Matlab installation and support
      • Linux assistance, limited software development troubleshooting
      • Drupal and Wordpress wiki central administration

    • Tereasa Polley
      Accounting Associate
      • Manage IT and Facilities Accounts
      • IT & Facility Purchase Orders
      • P-Card Manager for IT and Lindley Hall main office cards
      • Shipping & Receiving
      • Submit all inquiries to:
    • Bruce Shei
      Technology Services
      • Linux system-related issue of the servers and workstations including school's web/mail/file servers as well as various unified Linux workstations
      • Servers owned by various research groups
      • RI HPC clusters including odin, sif, and tyr clusters
      • System performance analysis and optimization; parallel and distributed computations
      • Virtualization support

    • Dale
      Manager Web Development
      • SoIC Web Master vMaster 



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