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  • Appointed staff – all professional and support staff.  While these procedures may be helpful for hiring temporary hourly staff, they are not required.  Hiring hourly employees is often done quite informally, with no job posting, no interview, normally no faculty involvement, etc.  However, there should still be caution used if relatives are being considered as candidates.  Please follow this URHS policy: http 
  • Most qualified candidate vs. most experienced candidate– This is a common hiring committee issue.  Sometimes highly experienced people apply for lower level jobs which can lead to concerns over longevity in the position.  It is of course illegal to screen on the basis of being over-qualified, however, it is allowable to ask questions like these:
    • Are you aware this is an entry level position that pays $x?
    • Why is someone of your experience interested in this position?
    • We are paying $x for this position, how does that fit with your long term salary goals?
    • We are concerned about you staying in this position long term, do you have anything you can share with us that could remedy those concerns?
    • Referee – A person who can provide a mostly unbiased opinion of a candidate.  It should not be a family member, the candidate’s minister, peer colleague, close friend, etc.  It should normally be a prior or current supervisor.