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  • IU Affiliate Accounts and Academic No-Pay Appointments

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  1. Go to the Account Management Service.
  2. Select Manage my IU computing accounts.
  3. Click manage affiliates, and then click request to add IU affiliate.
  4. You will then just need to fill out the form with the required information.   Here are some notes about the requested information:
    1. University ID - You can leave this blank.
    2. Campus Address - You can just enter your campus address (eg. Lindley Luddy Hall 2151103)
    3. Affiliation with IU - If this person is collaborating with you but is not being paid, we recommend that you use Non-paid Research Associate
    4. Date this Affiliation with IU begins - Enter either today's date or some future date the affiliation will begin.  Do not enter a date prior to the date you are filling out the form.
    5. Date this Affiliation with IU expires -Affiliate accounts for research collaboration are generally only approved for 1 semester or less so you will need to list an expiration date less than 1 semester in the future.
    6. Reason for affiliation with IU - The account can be rejected by UITS if the reason does not meet their requirements per Eligibility to Use Information Technology Resources.  However, below is an example of a reason for the affiliation that we have had success with:

      Short-term temporary collaboration on [brief project information here].  Access to grant-purchased systems is needed and requires authentication against IU ADS servers.

  5. Once you have filled in this form, just click Request Affiliate.