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  • SSH Remote Logins and File Transfer to Linux Servers

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You may want to connect remotely to one of the SoIC SICE linux servers from your PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, Android, Chromebook, or other device.  You can connect to our Linux systems using the SSH protocol for both remote login and file transfer.  See the sections below for pointers to the software you will need in order to connect.


  • Windows - The recommended SSH client on Windows is PuTTY.  You can get this for free by downloading putty.exe.  When you fire up putty, it will ask for the server you want to connect to (eg., your username (which will be your IU username or a group account you may be using) and passphrase.

  • Mac OS X and Linux - OpenSSH is a command-line SSH suite that is packaged with Mac OS X and virtually every Linux distribution.  Simply open up a terminal window on your Mac or Linux system and run something like "ssh".  Just replace username with your IU username or a group account you may be using and specify the desired server you want to log into.  You will be prompted for your IU passphrase or the passphrase of a group account.

  • iOS, Android, Chromebook - Just about every mobile platform with an app store will have an SSH client available.  Just go to your app store and search for "SSH Client" or "SSH" and you should see various options.