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  • Connect User Workstation to Oracle IUIE Database

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Note:  These instructions assume that the OS and all related software are 64 bit.  If the user is constrained, for example, to use 32 bit MS Office in order to have ActiveX functionality in UITS SharePoint 2010, install 32 bit ODAC.

Install and configure Oracle client software on Windows

  1. Verify that existing system and software are 64 bit (if 32 bit, make the obvious adjustments to what follows):
    1. Check PC Info for 64 bit OS

    2. Check Tableau (Help->About) for 64 bit version
    3. Check Excel (File->Account->About Excel) for 64 bit version
  2. Install Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) – login as admin:
    1. from \\bl-soic-gemini\software\Oracle\ODAC1120320_x64 or Staff Drop Box\Tableau Repository\Oracle_Install\ODAC1120320_x64 (for 32 bit Excel use ODAC1120320_32bit)
    2. or from Oracle Download
    3. run the Oracle Universal Installer by starting the setup application
    4. in C:\app create folder C:\app\Oracle (should happen automatically using step (e) below)
    5. in Install Location change Oracle Base from C:\app\<your-username> to C:\app\Oracle
    6. in Available Product Components deselect Developer Tools for Visual Studio, Samples and Documentation
  3. Copy configuration files:
    1. sqlnet.ora, tnsnames.ora from \\bl-soic-gemini\software\Oracle or Staff Drop Box\Tableau Repository\Oracle_Install
    2. to C:\app\Oracle\product\11.2.0\client_1\Network\Admin
  4. Add path and environment variable:
    1. verify that Oracle client_1 and client_1\bin have been prepended to PATH
    2. create system environment variable TNS_ADMIN=C:\app\Oracle\product\11.2.0\client_1\Network\Admin
  5. Configure ODBC DSN (Control Panel->System and Security->Administrative Tools->ODBC Data Sources (64 bit or 32 bit as appropriate)):
    1. in System DSN tab, ADD Oracle in OraClient ...
    2. use DSS1PRD.UITS.INDIANA.EDU as Data Source Name and TNS Service Name
  6. Have User set their Oracle password:
    1. from go to IUIE and login using ADS username & password
    2. on IUIE home page click Personalize
    3. In the Administrative Information box, change password for DSS1PRD (note: Oracle password and ADS passwords are passphrase requirements make them mutually exclusive)

Connect Excel to Oracle Database