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  • SoIC Timesheet Accuracy Policy for Students

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This policy applies to all SoIC students hired as Temporary Employees within SoIC.


Students will receive a warning after each every 2 timesheet correction corrections and/or after every two four missed punches with increasing levels of consequences.

  • Warning 1 – email notifying the student of the timesheet error and first warning
  • Warning 2 – mandatory meeting with payroll staff to discuss issue
  • Warning 3 – mandatory meeting with Associate Chair and/or Supervising Instructor
  • Warning 4 – termination of employmentmeeting with Associate Chair and/or Supervising Instructor with the discussion of possible termination if a good faith effort to improve is not made.

Students will start each semester with a clean slate and no prior warnings held against them.

Responsible Parties
Students are solely responsible for ensuring accurate timesheets.  It is not the responsibility of the supervisor or the payroll office to remind students to punch in or out.

Timesheet Correction – correction to the timesheet made by the supervisor or payroll staff.

Missed Punch – correction made by employee within 24 hour of clock in.