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  • Sent/Deleted Folders - By default, when you send email as this group account or delete email from the account, those messages will go into the Sent Items or Deleted Items of your personal email account and NOT for the group account.  I many cases, you will want these messages to end up in the corresponding folders for the group account so other account users can see them.  If you need this functionality, please just let us know by submitting a help desk request via the SoIC Help Desk.  Do note that once this change is made on your computer for one group account, it applies to all other group accounts you may add.
  • Drafts Folder - When you are composing a message from this group account, the message will be temporarily saved in your personal Drafts folder and not the Drafts folder in the group account.  The fix for this is the same as for the Sent and Deleted folders as noted aboveAs a result, this message will not be accessible by other users of this group account.  In the vast majority of cases this is not a problem but if this is problematic and you need the account to use the shared Drafts folder for the group account, please submit a help desk request via the SoIC Help Desk.  In this case, the account has to be added to Outlook in an entirely different way and we can help with that.

Outlook Access (Mac)

To get access to the group account email in Outlook on a Mac, do the following:


  1. Log into OWA using your normal IU username and passphrase
  2. Click on your name (near the upper right corner) to expand the menu
  3. Click on Open Another Mailbox...
  4. Enter the group account username and then click Open.  Once you are using this group email, any messages you send will be sent from this group account.
  5. You can return to your own inbox by repeating these steps and entering your username.