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Finding Information’ button description

This portal contains answers to questions about where certain information and reports are located, how to find BAR reports, and what to do if you can’t access or find what you’re looking for.






Please click on the link below to request information

  IU Affiliates

  External Requests (Other Universities etc.)





What is the DS web site (  

The Decision Support (DS) web site is a web portal where various departments and offices, including BAR, can publish reports for internal consumption and exploration.


 What kinds of reports does BAR publish on the DS web site?

BAR publishes reports that address a variety of questions related to numerous topics.  We consider the general topics to include course enrollments, student retention and student tracking, student profiles, and diversity.  There are other reports that do not fall into these categories, but this provides a general idea of what type of information we can provide.


How can I find BAR’s reports on the DS web site?

By entering ‘bar’ into the search box at the top of the DS web site, the results will provide you with all of our reports.  The complete list is not displayed automatically, so you will need to click the ‘See More’ button to display all the results.


I can’t find the information I’m looking for.  Who can I talk to about my data and information needs?

If you would like to hold a consultation with a BAR staff member to discuss your data needs, our first preference is that you fill out our online request intake for located here (URL).  Alternatively, you may email our group account at and provide as much detail about what you’re looking for and someone will get back to you.


It appears that I don’t have access to BAR’s reports on the DS web site.  How can I get access to your reports?

When you click on a report that you don’t have access to in DS, a form will appear that you can fill out and submit requesting access to the report.  Your request will trigger a process which, if approved, will get you added to our security group which will allow you to view all of BAR’s reports on DS.  Alternatively, you can email our group account at to request access, and if approved we will assign you to our security group.  Please note that access can take up to 24 hours to become effective once the request is approved.


What are the minimum requirements to be granted access to BAR reports on the DS web site?

At a minimum, all end users must 1) complete the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) tutorial, located here (; 2) sign the Acceptable Use Agreements for access to technology and information resources at IU, located here (; 3) demonstrate a legitimate need to access the information and data being sought.