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  • How to create an IU Blog, Set a theme, and make posts.

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  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in by clicking the "Log in" link in the top left corner of the page.

  3. In the top left hand corner a new button will appear that says "Create Site". Click it.

  4. This is the page where you fill out your information to get the page set up.

    1. Note: The page may say "Get another IU Blogs site in seconds" even if this is your first blog. Don't worry about that. It will generate your new blog just fine.
    2. Site Name: This is an important item because it will end up being at the end of the web address for your blog. Make it something you can give to someone else and they would know what it is by the address. For example it would be "I490-username" or "Michael-Makerspace-Designs"
    3. Site Title:  This will be the topic of what your entire blog is about. For example it could be your first and last names (separated by a hyphen) or IU username.
      1. Note that spaces cannot be used and letters must be lowercase. 
    4. Site Language: This is your choice
    5. Privacy: Here you set the access level of people trying to view your site. If you are wanting to share this with your professors, classmates, or the outside world make sure that "Public" or "Search Engine Blocked" is selected.
      1. Note: If you select to restrict access to your blog it will not show up on shared sites, won't have a feed that other people can pull into their sites (including class group websites), and can only be viewed by actively logging in. 
    6.  Click "Create Site"
  5. You did it! Now navigate to your new blog site to get it customized to you. 
    1. The address will be 
    2. Important Note: YOUR-SITE-NAME in the example above is whatever you named your site in set 4.b above