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  1. Simple, Direct File Edits - If you just want to log in and edit a file, that is possible as follows:
    1. ssh to as your normal IU account (not the group account).  There is additional information about using PuTTy in Use PuTTY to connect to IU Sitehosting
    2. run "become groupaccount" (where you replace "groupaccount" with your sites group account name) to become the group account user
    3. cd to the web directory and edit files directly using your linux command-line editor of choice (eg. nano, vi, emacs, etc)
  2. Using scp Without the Groups VPN - You can also use the command-line scp program to copy files but without using the Groups VPN you can only copy from sitehost.  So, just log in and become the group account as in the previous section and then you can do things like "scp username@some.server:/some/remote/file /some/local/file".
  3. Using scp With the Groups VPN - UITS has things set up so you can use a special groups VPN connection and, once connected, you can then copy files directly to the group account.  The basic steps are:
    1. Set up ssh keys (if you don't already have keys you are using) and upload them to your Sitehost account per Generate and use SSH keys with IU Sitehosting
    2. Make a Groups VPN connection per Use the IU Groups VPN with IU Sitehosting
    3. You can now do things like "scp /some/local/file"
  4. Using GUI Tools Like CyberDuck and WinSCP - You can use these GUI tools and we recommend doing it with SSH keys.  See these documents for more information:
    1. Use Cyberduck to connect to IU Sitehosting
    2. Use WinSCP to connect to IU Sitehosting