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  • Luddy School Spring Semester 2020

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Guidance on S/F Grading Flexibility


Due to COVID-19 

What has been communicated by the Provost:

  1. S is intended as an option for faculty members when they know a student has done enough to pass a course, but do not have the ability to do a more nuanced evaluation
  2. Faculty have discretion to use the S in ways consistent with (i.) with the dean’s approval.
  3. S/F is not intended for broad use in an entire class unless the school or the College approves.
  4. This option takes the place of the usual P/F option.  Students who need the accommodation of an S instead of a letter grade should speak to their faculty members directly.  Some students will require a letter grade for other purposes.
  5. This semester, S grades will count towards all requirements.
  6. For further direction, speak to your academic associate dean.

 Luddy School Implementation Policy:

  1. Regular letter grades are preferred.  If a faculty member feels confident in assigning a letter grade that accurately reflects student achievement they should do so.  
  2. The flexibility to assign an S (Satisfactory) grade is intended to support cases where faculty are truly uncertain about the exact final letter grade, but are certain the student has demonstrated sufficient work of a S(atisfactory) quality to warrant passing the class.
  3. Faculty that feel it is necessary to convert their entire class to S/F should discuss with their chair and must get approval from Associate Dean Sabanovic for graduate courses, and Associate Dean Haghverdi for Undergraduate courses.  If this is approved, faculty should inform students of this as soon as practicable.
  4. Some students might need an actual letter grade, and faculty should accommodate this as best as they can.  There are multiple reasons for this; one, for example, is that certain tuition reimbursement programs require a letter grade.
  5. Students may request to be graded S/F directly from their faculty – prior to finals week.  In this case, faculty will assign the grade of S when students complete the course and would normally receive a passing grade.  By completion, we mean that students must submit all assigned work, which is included in the faculty member’s assessment of passing.
  6. All S grades this semester will satisfy requirements at graduate and undergraduate level for major, program, school, and campus requirements.  This includes campus general education requirements, for undergraduates.  
  7. Grades can be changed if an error occurs through an already existing process.
  8. A grade of I(ncomplete) can still be assigned, but keep in mind that this semester will be hard enough as it is, and leaving work hanging out for the student and faculty to deal with later may not be desirable.
  9. A transcript note will describe the circumstances for S grades this semester.​