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  • How do I get detailed information about my Linux accounts?
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This document provides information about accounts on the Unified Linux Systems managed by the School of Informatics and Computing. There are many other standalone Linux systems in the school that are not part of the unified configuration and, therefore, this document does not apply to accounts on those systems. If you have any questions about Linux systems within the school, please contact us.

Linux Account Information

Please note that these links will not work until the day after your account was created. If your account was just created today you will have to wait until tomorrow before this will work.

To get detailed information about your existing unified Linux accounts (including account status, disk quotas, group membership, email forwarding, web pages, and disk storage options), you can use the Account Information CGI Page. This page provides real-time information about your Linux account and is accessible at:

You will log in using your IU ADS username and passphrase

Linux System Availability

Information about the available unified Linux systems is available here:

    What Linux systems are available?