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The School of Informatics and Computing course web pages pull data from various sources, including instructor-supplied content. This document provides information about these pages and instructions for uploading content that will appear on the SoIC course listings.

Content Sources

The undergraduate and graduate course pages on the SoIC website draw content from the following sources:

  • Course Catalog - The course catalog defines course numbers, titles, credits, and prerequisites as well as a brief description. This information is static for a class and does not change each semester a course is offered.
  • Schedule of Classes - The schedule of classes is published by the Registrar's office and includes semester-specific information such as the course instructor, meeting location and times, topic information, and the number of seats available.
  • Instructor Supplied Content - The school provides instructors with the ability to provide additional content to further explain and promote their courses. This includes the following 3 items:
    1. Description - The description from the course catalog is quite valuable but lacks details relevant to a specific course offering. This description allows instructors to provide additional information that may be unique to a version of a course or the presentation of the material.
    2. File Upload - A syllabus or course advertisement (in pdf, html, to txt format) can be uploaded and links will be listed on the course pages. This provides a simple mechanism to provide students with enhanced course information that may help them with course selection.
    3. Course URL (syllabus link or course homepage) - Many instructors create course homepages or syllabi web pages containing enhanced content about their courses. Existing links can registered or space can be created on the SoIC servers to host these pages. In either case, a link  will appear in the course listings.

Please note the following related to instructor-supplied content:

  • Instructors have responsibility to maintain accurate information and links in course pages on the school website.
  • Program directors have authority to correct any inconsistencies in information and links in course pages on the school website.

Also, please note that instructors are not required to upload content. If an instructor elects not to participate their classes will still be listed and include data from the course catalog and schedule of classes but just won't list any of the additional instructor-supplied data.

Uploading Content

All of the Instructor Supplied Content is managed through the following web interface:

From this interface, you will select the desired semester and the courses you are teaching that semester will be displayed. For each course, you will be given the option of providing the content described above. You can pick and chose what content you wish to supply and can come back in at any time and add, update, or remove content.

The information you provide will automatically appear on the undergraduate and graduate course listings within 4 hours after uploading. However, you can use the following internal interface to see the uploaded content immediately:

Using this interface, you can display the uploaded content based on various search criteria.

Getting Help

If you have any questions or problems, please let us know