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  • How do I get access to a MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or MS SQL database?
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There are various options for database access for your research and class needs:

  1. MySQL - UITS offers MySQL database access via the Research Database Complex (RDC).  SICE also offers MySQL database access for SICE students, faculty, and staff for class and research use as well as for production school-wide projects. To request a database on the SICE MySQL server, please contact us and include the following information in your request:

    • Expected maximum size of your database
    • Expected project duration
    • Data types being stored and whether there will be any sensitive data (including PHI/Protected Health Information) as noted in the IU Data Classifications.
    • Course number or sponsoring faculty member. If this isn't for a SICE course and isn't work for which you have a faculty sponsor, please just briefly explain the nature of your project.
    • Preferred database name (we will create the database and the mysql account using this same name).  If this is for a class project, we have a standard naming convention based on the course number and semester so you do not need to provide a database name.  Please note that the database name must not exceed 16 alphanumeric characters.

      We will create the database and send you the access information, including an initial password that you should change. You will also have access to your databases using PhpMyAdmin via the URL where you will need to log in using your mysql account username and password, NOT your IU username and passphrase.  Please also note that access to phpMyAdmin is limited to hosts in the and domains.  If you need to connect from outside of IU, we recommend that you use the IU VPN to get an IU IP address.

      Please be aware that UITS blocks the mysql port (3306) at the border routers so you will not be able to reach the SICE mysql server from a non-IU IP address. If you need remote access, you will need to use the VPN to get an IU IP address.

      Furthermore, UITS also blocks the mysql port (3306) for students using the IU Secure wireless network.  If you are using IU Secure and need to make mysql connections, please see At IUB and IUPUI, how can students have direct network access to databases and/or remote desktop?

  2. MS SQL - We do not support Microsoft SQL but UITS does provide access to MS SQL Server for instructional purposes. See Microsoft SQL Server (and IIS) Accounts for Classes at IU for details. If this does not meet your needs, then contact us if you would like assistance with installing MS SQL Server on a local system that you will manage.

  3. PostgreSQL - SICE maintains two PostgreSQL installations. 
    • is for general coursework and student projects  Accounts for ( can be requested by faculty, staff, or grad students in SICE.
    • is for research projects that consist of larger datasets and which require an environment with less competition for CPU and memory resources.  Accounts for (  can be requested by SICE faculty. Request for recall accounts will require consultation with IT staff to ensure that various projects that might be active can coexist. After consultation, various parameters may be re-tuned by IT staff to maximize performance for (a) particular project(s).  
    • Requests should include all the information described in the MySQL section above. In addition, the IP address of the workstation(s) or server(s) that need access should be provided. The SICE PostgreSQL servers accept connections only from a known list of IP addresses and on port 5433 using ssl/tls.
    • Course work via the psql command line can be used via or any other IU workstation with the postrgresql client package installed.
    • Other tools like AquaDataStudio can also be used to access postgresql.