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  • What disk storage is available on the RI Clusters?
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This page describes that storage available on the RI Cluster System (odin, sif, and tyr) and the Standalone RI systems (jord and idun). See the clusters KB label for a complete list of cluster-related documentation.

Available Storage

  • Home Directory - Everyone on the clusters has a "home" directory, which is your current working directory when you log in. This is hosted on a single NFS file server. If you do disk intensive operations from many nodes using your home directory you will over-load the NFS server, negatively impact all cluster users, and get very poor results. For more I/O intensive use, you are encouraged to use local space on the compute nodes or /nfs1-data (see below). Please note that your RI cluster home directory is not the same as your home directory on other unified linux systems in the School and is NOT BACKED UP.
  • /nfs1-data - All users have a directory named /nfs1-data/username. This is networked space from an NFS server and is accessible from all nodes in the odin and sif clusters as well as the standalone systems, idun and jord. This is an 8TB filesystem so is the preferred place to store large datasets. This filesystem is NOT BACKED UP.
  • Local Temporary Space - All cluster nodes have the standard unix /tmp and /var/tmp directories. These are on the local disk on each node and are not accessible from any other node. Any files created in these directories should be removed at the end of your job and any files left behind will be automatically removed.
  • Local Persistent Space - There is a limited amount of local, persistent storage space available on the standalone systems (idun and jord). If you need to use such space, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs.
  • san36-1-0 - There is an 8TB disk partition accessible using the path /nfs/odinnfs1/san36-1-0. Use of this filesystem is restricted and it is NOT BACKED UP.

Non-RI Storage Access

We do not export the home directories, scratch, or nobackup space from the unified linux systems (such as tank and silo) to the RI systems. However, filesystems on individual research servers can be made available on the RI systems at the request of the system owner.