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Website Development Plan

Stakeholder meetings will be conducted with several goals intended (1)  to equitably blend content from the Information Library Science website (formerly SLIS) with content on our current SoIC website and (2) to allow all interested stakeholders to be involved in how their section of the website is built and achieve agreement on navigational elements and content. Stakeholders will be asked to review relevant sections for content accuracy before launch of the site. 

The web team will organize meetings between appropriate stakeholders from both Schools with the goal of achieving a cohesive message to our audience. A working list identifying stakeholders is below. Additional stakeholders will be identified to join relevant meetings. 

Section TitleCurrent SoICContent expertCurrent SLISContent ExpertNew URLNOTESFinal endorsementOK to go to production 


  • Jim Shea
  • Kelsey Keag
  • Debora Shaw

meeting scheduled 9/30/13 at 2pm.


  • Esfan Haghverdi

  • Nancy Lemons

  • Shamim Ali

  • Mel Lynch-Kimery

  • Lynda Haywood Smith

  • Carol Scheuer

  • Sally Deckard

  • Michelle Knight

  • Lamara Warren

  • Maureen Biggers

N/AN/A Notes   
  • Melanie Wu (CS)
  • Marty Siegel (Info)
  • Howard Rosenbaum (ILS)
  • Debora Shaw (chair)
  • Howard Rosenbaum (MIS director)
  • Ron Day (MLS director)
  • Ying Ding (Ph.D. director)

Computer Science 

CS card sort exercise (photo captured 2/4/14)

Pedja Radivojak
Judy Qiu


conducted a card sort exercise to determine main navigational elements.




ILS card sort exercise (photo captured 3/26/14)

Stasa Milojevic
Noriko Hara
Pnina Fichman



Careers Caldwell

Rhonda Spencer



SOIC Content:

  • explore

  • internship

  • services/fair

  • evetns/fair

  • hire students

  • prep (resume,interview, negoiate, search guide, etc)

  • contact/people

ILS content areas:

  • posted jobs

  • resume

  • Prof Association list

  • internships

  • skills- workshops, talks, etc

  • interviewing

  • campus resources

  • ILS Career Office

  • ils-jobs-l

  • Employeer list


Support/Giving vandenBergFooter link to IU FoundationSarah Burton Notes   
Research Fox Shaw 

SOIC Content

  • Centers
  • Research Areas

ILS Content areas:

  • areas of research
  • research Groups, Projects, and Publications
  • doctoral profiles
  • weekly listing of talks and pubs

Maureen Biggers

Lamara Warren

N/ARhonda Spencer, Ralf Shaw     
Courses Sally Deckard Kennedy 

Will migrate ILS courses into SoIC sytem


Alumni Matt vandenBerg Burton     

calendar admins Spencer 


  • 7 standard events
  • links to other calendars
Events Spencer     
Faculty David Leake responsibility     

John Tweedie

Chrisiti Pike responsibility     
Grad Students 

Patty Reyes

Linda Hofstetter Spencer     
News RSS Spencer     
Spotlights Kelsey Keag       
Emeriti David Leake responsibility     
Tag Cloud         

Christi Pike

John Tweedie

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