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Documentation of the architecture, process, and procedures surrounding the SoIC website.

Procedures and Processes

Website - basic architecture and platform

  • The SoIC website is created and maintained in the Indiana University WCMS platform (author) and WCMS (sites) | User Guide
  • SoIC Manager of Web Development has full oversight and responsibility of internal architecture, performance, and overall function of the website
  • Content of the website is the domain of the SoIC Communications team in coordination with unit representatives
  • An independent faculty/staff database is maintained in a MySql database and consumed by the 'People' section of the website
  • A independent news database is maintained in a MySql database and parsed in various locations on the website based on a tagging system
  • Central calendar is maintained in
  • Code documentation

Content Standardization

The SoIC website is bound to IU Visual Identity and Branding Policies. Although some content uniformity is unique to our school, other types of uniformity such as phone numbers, abbreviations, are mandated by IU policy - see details

Local standardization of content (SOIC or SoIC) is the domain of SoIC Communications Manager

School News Process

News releases and website content are the domain of the SoIC Communications Manager and Senior Director of Planning. The Communications team generates the content for the following:

  • Home page feature story and graphics
  • Home page news stories
  • Departmental news stories in collaboration with department Chair
  • News can be submitted through the SoIC 'Send us your news' portal

School Events

  • The School maintains a central Calendar in Events are tagged and parsed throughout the website in appropriate locations 
  • Units are encouraged to post their own events which will be moderated by designated calendar administrators

To post an event, see the 'Add Events' page on the SoIC Website

Faculty / Staff Database

  • A faculty/staff database is searchable by name, department, research interest/area
  • Additions, removal, and updates to the information appearing in this section must be requested through the SoIC Footprints web request and will completed by the web team

Content Ownership

  • Content under each section of the website is owned by the unit for which the section represents.
  • Regular review of this content is the responsibility of the content owner.  
  • Updates to this content may be initiated by the content owner via a Footprints ticket as part of a communications strategy by the Communications team, or by trained WCMS editors.

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