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  • How do I change the password, shell, or other account information on the SoIC unified Linux systems?
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Changing Passwords

The SICE Linux systems are configured to authenticate against the the IU ADS servers using your normal IU username and password.  Therefore, if you want to change the passphrase you are using on the SICE Linux systems you will need to use the standard IU Passphrase Mangement Web Interface.  There are a few limited cases where accounts on our systems are local and not part of IU ADS so if you find yourself needing to change the password for a local account, submit a service request.

Changing Shell and GECOS/Finger Information

Name Changes

The SICE Linux systems pull your name from the IU database when the account is created.  If you find that you need to change the name used with your account after it is created, you will need to submit a service request.

You can change your account login shell (ie. from the default bash to zsh, tcsh, etc) and your GECOS/Finger information using the SICE Linux Account Management Web Interface.  You will need to authenticate using your standard IU username and passphrase.  If the account you are trying to change is a local SICE account and not tied to a corresponding IU account, submit a service request.

Standalone System Notes

There are a very small number of Standalone SICE Linux systems that are not part of our Unified Linux environment.  These standalone systems will still use the IU ADS servers for authentication so the above section on changing your password still applies.  However, on those systems you will be able to use the standard Linux chsh and chfn commands to change your shell and GECOS/Finger information, respectively.  This does not apply to the vast majority of the linux systems in the school.  On those systems, running chsh or chfn will give you the proper url to make the corresponding change.