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  • Planning an Event for Luddy?
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Event planning starts with ONE easy step : As far in advance as possible submit a request for Event Support and let the Luddy event planning team help! 

We provide assistance with:

  1. Checking event calendar for conflicts
  2. IT and Audio Visual
  3. Reserving appropriate spaces to meet the needs of the event
  4. Catering
  5. Transportation
  6. Advertisement/RSVP
  7. Tables, tablecloths, decorations, swag

Event planning details:

  1. Check calendars for conflicts
    • Tell us what you want at the event, we will design/provide what you need. If your event requires any kind of presentation, amplified audio or other IT support - IT staff must be involved in the event planning stages. Some resources are not available without advance notice. If your event is off-site and needs any kind of staff support, additional coordination and planning will be required.  
      • When submitting the Luddy service request, indicate your IT and audio-visual needs. 
      • An IT member will consult with you on options and availability. 
      • Audio Visual equipment - computers, projectors, microphones, amplifiers and an IT staff member to run equipment, must be scheduled in advance.  
      • Lecture capture and video recording options at Luddy.  Rooms with build in equipment are listed on that page
      • Make sure any guest speakers know what to expect from IU technology:
  2. Catering

  3. Transportation

  4. Advertise - How to advertise your event at Luddy

  5. Miscellaneous items

    1. Need tables, table cloths, chairs, easels?  If event is at any Luddy School building let us know when you submit the service ticket
      1. If event is at another location - IMU (812-855-1808) other (submit a service desk ticket for advice)
    2. Decorations, Luddy swag - put your requests in the ticket!

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