This page provides a record of planned and completed changes made to Indiana University's instance of Canvas and supporting applications by the UITS LMS team.  It does not include enhancements and bug fixes implemented by Instructure, the parent company of Canvas.  Instructure uses an agile development methodology and introduces fixes and new features every three weeks.  To stay current with these changes, support personnel are encouraged to subscribe to the Canvas Product Release Notes.  For instructions on how to subscribe, see About Changes to Canvas.

Recent Canvas Changes
June 20, 2024
  • LMSA-8524 Multiclass Messenger: swagger updates (2024 Q2)

  • LMSA-8936 Quarterly Dependency Updates: Canvas Notifier

  • LMSA-8938 Quarterly Dependency Updates: Course Unlocker

  • LMSA-8939 Quarterly Dependency Updates: Edit/Delete Course Apps (LTI Editor)

  • LMSA-8940 Quarterly Dependency Updates: Enhanced Course Lister

  • LMSA-8941 Quarterly Dependency Updates: IU Redirect
  • LMSA-8942 Quarterly Dependency Updates: MultiCourse Messages/Announcements

June 6, 2024
  • LMSA-9255 HRM isn't reporting all information to the dashboard

  • LMSA-9243 Add new column to table to track user imports in canvas

  • LMSA-9273 Enable Discussions Redesign in all FA24 courses

  • LMSA-9274 Enable Discussions Redesign in all manually created courses through July 20, 2024

May 23, 2024
  • Bulk Remove Users
    • LMSA-8123 Bulk Remove Users; As an instructor, I would like to bulk delete users by section.

    • LMSA-9207 Bulk Remove: Add created_at and last_activity_at data & sorting functionality

    • LMSA-9234 Filter on sections does not work if sections contain spaces

May 2, 2024
  • Crosslisting Assistant
    • LMSA-9160 SR Notification for "Show already crosslisted" switch
    • LMSA-9181 Cross-lister: in Available Sections, where has the info icon gone?
    • LMSA-9194 Add SR descriptions for the term headings
    • LMSA-9198 Loading spinner and button improvements
    • LMSA-9204 Move success message to top of screen
  • Hierarchy Resource Manager
    • LMSA-8899 Syllabus Supplement: Default to visible but may be closed
    • LMSA-9201 HRM: Various NVDA issues
April 25, 2024
  • Batch
    • LMSA-9123 Create a job to - June 2024: Delete "ACP23-24" eText tool placements (June 1)
    • LMSA-9208 Do the work to clear out No TemplatedCourse info from summary provisioning emails
  • 3rd Party Provisioning
    • LMSA-9211 3rd Party Prov: Summary emails would be much improved if they included the canvas sis import id
April 11, 2024
  • LMSA-9017 As an eDS Admin, I would like the eText deployment process automated to gain efficiencies
  • LMSA-9203 Move to a different account and no longer use Canvas3
  • LMSA-9186 Update Denodo password/get new account (LMS)
April 4, 2024
  • Blueprint Manager
    • LMSA-7709 LU: Blueprint Manager

    • LMSA-9152 Notification of options when blueprint course is enabled

    • LMSA-9153 Locked Object by Type options need more specific labels

    • LMSA-9154 Notification of options when selecting locked option

    • LMSA-9155 KB article link needs readable title

    • LMSA-9156 Add aria-describedby to the Available Courses toggles with better instructions for screen readers

  • IU Photoroster
March 14, 2024
  • Hierarchy Resource Manager
    • LMSA-8341 SR: Button for node announced twice

    • LMSA-8342 SR: Apply Template H1 heading not read out

    • LMSA-8343 SR: Success message not announced

    • LMSA-8934 Need spinner and SR text after "Apply Template" clicked

    • LMSA-8954 "Apply Template" and "Preview" button labels repeated

    • LMSA-8968 Convert apply template portion of the tool

    • LMSA-8969 Convert node manager portion of the tool
    • LMSA-9076 [scroll-to-top] update hrm
    • LMSA-8662 Rivet2: Upgrade HRM
February 29, 2024
  • LMSA-8636 WI23 close - 2/29/2024

  • QM Advantage
    • LMSA-7711 LU: Course Review Form

    • LMSA-8198 IT-12 Logging: Course Review Form (QM Advantage)

  • Batch

    • LMSA-9129 Modify eText rename summary email

    • LMSA-9132 Create unit tests for eText EOT rename job

    • LMSA-9134 Create unit tests for eText daily delete job

    • LMSA-9136 LMS: Prov errors for courseload (IU eTexts)

    • LMSA-9147 Modify eText daily delete summary email

    • LMSA-9182 Do the work to remove the links for Canvas error report in batch provisioning emails

February 8, 2024
  • Bulk Remove Users
    • LMSA-8186 - IT-12 Logging: Bulk remove users

    • LMSA-8681 - Library upgrades
    • LMSA-8351 - VR-Bulk Remove Users: Unable to select the checkboxes by label
  • Course Unlocker
    • LMSA-9165 - Add SR Message to the loading screen
  • Hierarchy Resource Manager
  • Third Party Provisioning
    • LMSA-9110 - Library upgrades
    • LMSA-9175 - Remove the links for Canvas error report in provisioning emails
February 1, 2024
  • Clearable Input
    • LMSA-9078 - Component updated for various changes and improvements for screen reader. Applicable in both Courselister and Photo Roster

  • Courselister
    • LMSA-8192 - Courselister: Clicking the favorite (star) or hide/unhide icons causes page to scroll to top
    • LMSA-8737 - Courselister: Pull in updated rivet-clearable-input component
  • Photo Roster
    • LMSA-8736 - Photo Roster: Update rivet-clearable-input
  • View'em
January 11, 2024
January 9, 2024
  • LMS Batch
    • LMSA-9056 - Remove Ally from Canvas Beta and Test on Monday mornings

    • LMSA-9083 - Ally: disable dev keys on Beta and Test on Monday

    • LMSA-7752 - LU: Batch
    • LMSA-9053 - CD2: Batch
    • LMSA-9059 - Add functionality to support course level placements

    • LMSA-9060 - Use files from github (with credentials) instead of sitehost

  • Reports and Dashboards

    • LMSA-8365 - SR: Roster Status Report - table (grid list) appears in forms mode

    • LMSA-8366 - SR: Roster Status Report - sorting on a column does not announce the change

    • LMSA-8368 - VR: Learn More and Open Report links need to be more content specific

    • LMSA-8369 - VR: Roster Status Report - unable to click Search

    • LMSA-8370 - VR: Sorting not working as expected

    • LMSA-9085 - Issues with modal preview
    • LMSA-9051 - CD2: Reports & Dashboard/Roster Status Report
  • Canvas Notifier
  •  Other
    • LMSA-9131 - lti-framework issuer validation

    • LMSA-9057 - CD2: Update queries in embedded service

    • LMSA-9137 - Batch jobs should not attempt to use redis
December 7, 2023
November 30, 2023
  • LMSA-8680 LU: Canvas Gateway

  • LMSA-9086 Merge in PR to fix the "About" section on Canvas Gateway

  • LMSA-9092 Merge in new PR for change to Resources section of Gateway

October 26, 2023
October 12, 2023
  • Course Setup Wizard
    • LMSA-7720 - LU: Course Setup Wizard
    • LMSA-8648 - Wizard: include BP settings as part of import process
    • LMSA-8806 - ATAC-Course Setup Wizard: Exit Modal issues
    • LMSA-8832 - CSW: Dates on Review and Submit page are in the yyy-mm-dd format, while the input page is mm-dd-yyyy
    • LMSA-8842 - ATAC-CSW: Page load updates not announced in NVDA for Import a course
    • LMSA-8843 - ATAC-CSW: Calendar control issues for VoiceOver, Voice Control and Dragon
    • LMSA-8844 - ATAC-CSW: Import a template page issues for JAWS and NVDA
    • LMSA-8890 - Course Setup Wizard: CORS issue with the REST call from Canvas
    • LMSA-8922 - Do the work for Wizard: Blueprint courses should be included in 'import content' course list
    • LMSA-8931 - Change the global popup dismissal to accept a date instead
    • LMSA-8965 - Wizard: Modal reset date flexibility & reset reasons
    • LMSA-8996 - Wizard modal: Show "latest update" text to user on reset date instead of 'until' reset date
    • LMSA-9000 - Wizard: As a Wizard user, I should only see courses in the course import dropdown where I have active enrollment
    • LMSA-9016 - CSW & BP: If a course is already a BP course, there should be no option to Import course content with Blueprint Course settings
    • LMSA-9033 - CSW: The modal course dismissal is not working
September 28, 2023
  • Admin Toolkit
    • LMSA-8977 - Implement base tool functionality
    • LMSA-8978 - Add Course Attribute Editor to admin toolkit
    • LMSA-9027 - Admin Toolkit: console errors for rivet and admintoolkit.js
  • Crosslist Assistant
    • LMSA-9020 - As an instructor, I should not be able to crosslist an IU eText course into a course that has no eText
September 14, 2023
  • Grade Roster
  • Multiclass Messenger
    • LMSA-7725 - Libraries Update: MultiCourse Messages/Announcements
    • LMSA-8212 - IT-12 Logging: Multi Class Messenger
    • LMSA-8356 - SR: Rich text editor issue and no field labels
    • LMSA-8357 - VR: Issue with the rich text editor
    • LMSA-8663 - Rivet2/Java17: Upgrade Multiclass Messenger/Multiclass Announcements
    • LMSA-8903 - MCM: rivet 2 version bump
    • LMSA-8915 - MCM: Fix redis session namespace
  • Reports & Dashboards
August 31, 2023
  • Cronjobs
    • LMSA-8705 - Modify LMS custom cronjob to define settings for different environments
  • Department Provisioning
    • LMSA-7736 - Libraries Update: Embedded Services
    • LMSA-8683 - Libraries Update: Department Provisioning
  • Google Course Tools
    • LMSA-7730 - Library upgrades
    • LMSA-8206 - IT-12 Logging: Google Course Tools
    • LMSA-8995 - GCT: stacktrace when initially setting up folders
August 21, 2023
  • Gateway
    • LMSA-9002 - Gateway: Update URLs for Twitter & Instagram
August 3, 2023
  • Redirect
  • Course Unlocker
  • Canvas Notifier
  • Edit/Delete Course Apps aka LTI Tool Manager
    • LMSA-8172 - Fixed issue of having two main regions in html
    • LMSA-8962 - Edited the LTI SSO connection
  • Blueprint Manager
  • View'em
  • Start a New Course
July 27, 2023
  • API Portal
    • LMSA-8928 - 3rd Party Prov rest calls need user-friendly creation/update dates!
  • Course Attribute Editor
    • LMSA-7717 - Library Updates: Course Attribute Editor
    • LMSA-8901 - Course Attribute Editor: rivet 2 version bump
    • LMSA-8927 - Add globalAccessDenied page via embedded-services
    • LMSA-8957 - LTI SSO: Course Attribute Editor
  • Course lister
    • LMSA-7723 - Library Updates: Enhanced Course Lister
    • LMSA-8201 - IT-12 Logging: Courselist
    • LMSA-8660 - Rivet2: Upgrade Course Lister (Search, Filter, Manage)
    • LMSA-8914 - Course lister: Fix redis session namespace
    • LMSA-8958 - LTI SSO: Enhanced Course Lister
  • 3rd Party Provisioning
    • LMSA-7727 - Library Updates: LTI Framework Service
    • LMSA-7728 - Library Updates: Email Service
    • LMSA-7729 - Library Updates: IU Services
    • LMSA-8929 - Library Updates: Department Provisioning
    • LMSA-8963 - LTI SSO: Department Provisioning
July 20, 2023
  • Bulk Remove Users
    • [LMSA-8785] - Bulk Remove Users: update to consolidated services and IT-12 implementation
    • [LMSA-8724] - Update bulk remove users suds to denodo
    • [LMSA-8920] - Bulk remove users: access denied is a stacktrace instead of a user-friendly message
    • [LMSA-8766] - do the rivet 2 conversion
  • Canvas Notifier
  • Canvas Node Manager
July 13, 2023
  • LMSA-7722 - Libraries Update: Edit/Delete Course Apps
  • LMSA-8814 - Edit/Delete Course Apps: Verify new LTI Roles
  • LMSA-8894 - Libraries Update and upgrade: Reports Dashboard
  • LMSA-8904 - Edit/Delete Course Apps: Rivet2: Upgrade
June 29, 2023
  • LMSA-8728 - Update photoroster suds to denodo/java 17 upgrade
  • LMSA-8877 - Photo Roster: pictures not displaying
June 22, 2023
June 8, 2023
  • LMSA-7718 - Libraries Update: Course Unlocker
  • LMSA-8012 - LMS Security Scan and Remediation PI 23-1 / Spike: Start a New Course changes
  • LMSA-8200 - IT-12 Logging: Course Unlocker
  • LMSA-8220 - IT-12 Logging: Siterequest
  • LMSA-8664 - Rivet2: Upgrade Siterequest (start a new course)
  • LMSA-8865 - Viewem IT12 logging - LTI username fix
  • LMSA-8878 - Unlocker: CORS issue with the REST call from Canvas
  • LMSA-8902 - Course Unlocker: rivet 2 version bump
May 25, 2023
  • LMSA-8893 - Adjust the UDP batch to send 'current' term data earlier
  • LMSA-8185 - IT-12 Logging: Blueprint Manager
  • LMSA-8194 - IT-12 Logging: Batch jobs
  • LMSA-8202 - IT-12 Logging: Crosslist
  • LMSA-8783 - Enable swagger for batch
April 20, 2023
April 13, 2023
  • API Portal
    • CORS changes so that the swagger-ui is usable
  • Canvas Notifier
  • Canvas Redirect
    • LMSA-8363 - Spike: How to handle multiple placements of the 1.3 Redirect Tool
    • LMSA-8718 - Code cleanup
    • LMSA-8821 - Add support back for 1.1 launches
  • Department Provisioning
    • LMSA-8828 - 3rd Party Prov-Adding new users error: Could not find ClientRegistration with id 'uaa'
    • LMSA-8666 - Rivet2: Upgrade 3rd Party Provisioning app
    • LMSA-8788 - 3rd party provisioning: update to consolidated services and IT-12 implementation
    • LMSA-8727 - Update dept/3rd party provisioning suds to denodo/java 17 upgrade
    • LMSA-8857 - implement send_email
    • LMSA-8858 - Implement swagger
  • Viewem
March 17, 2023
  • Canvas Gateway
    • LMSA-8818 - Modify gateway page to encourage search indexing on production and discourage test environments
March 16, 2023
  • Course Setup Wizard
    • LMSA-8763 - Text change for an error in the course import section of the tool
    • LMSA-8776 - change the sorting order of the templates within a node
  • Crosslist Assistant
    • LMSA-8726 - Java 17 update and conversion from suds to denodo
    • LMSA-8786 - update to consolidated services and IT-12 implementation
    • LMSA-8790 - Fix for browser console error
    • LMSA-8797 - Role fix for the Impersonate User button
  • SIS Grade Roster
March 2, 2023
  • Batch
    • LMSA-8632 - Close Winter 2022 for both Canvas and CQDM
    • LMSA-8375 - template auditing for batch
    • LMSA-8500 - embedded services conversion
    • LMSA-8637 - LTI Updater changes
    • LMSA-8654 - simplify provisioning code after 2022 terms are no longer being provisioned
    • LMSA-8722 - add sis views into denodo
    • LMSA-8723 - convert suds to denodo
  • Blueprint Manager
  • Course Attribute Editor
  • Course Unlocker
    • LMSA-8658 - java 17 upgrade, rivet 2 conversion, lti-framework role updates
  • View'em
February 23, 2023
  • LMSA-8773 - Users can't export grades from Canvas
February 16, 2023
  • LMSA-8697 - convert sis grade export to LTI 1.3
  • Course Setup Wizard
    • LMSA-8731 - Wizard: Option to Import the customizable IU Course Template does not set the new home page
    • LMSA-8733 - Wizard: User getting 500 error when trying to import content using Wizard
    • LMSA-8492 - As a wizard user, I want a friendly error msg and next steps when something goes wrong
    • LMSA-8624 - Refactor global error messages for design and more robust handling
February 2, 2023
  • LMSA-8575 - Convert External Tools Data Report to LTI 1.3
  • LMSA-8616 - HRM: Add template auditing
  • LMSA-8647 - Courselister: Address dependabot alerts
  • LMSA-8711 - CQDM: SQL Injection Vulnerability via ActiveRecord
  • LMSA-8716 - Enhanced courselister: Start a New Course button points to the LTI 1.1 tool
January 26, 2023
  • Google Course Tools
    • LMSA-8326 - VR only works for the checkboxes when using Show Grid
    • LMSA-8330 - VR: No proper way to close modal dialog box (Success message)
    • LMSA-8579 - VR: Form Submission error
    • LMSA-8640 - Now using Rivet 2
  • Canvas Notifier
January 19, 2023
December 8, 2022
  • LMSA-7577 - Publish Reports and Dashboards to GitHub
  • LMSA-7871 - Convert Canvas Provisioning App to LTI Advantage
December 1, 2022
  • Deployed Course Setup Wizard to production (not yet exposed to end users)
November 10, 2022
  • LMSA-8614 - Canvas Gateway - Take down voting announcement
  • LMSA-8333 - Course Unlocker - enable swagger
  • Batch
    • LMSA-8557 - Update eText daily delete batch job to automatically adjust queries for any semester
    • LMSA-8593 - New rename job to rename tools once term is closed
  • LMSA-8585 - CQDM - Improvement on clearing pending imports
  • Google Course Tools
    • LMSA-8115 - Bug fix for active submit button
    • LMSA-8136 - add screen reader only message when user cancels selection
    • LMSA-8160 - Remove main region since Canvas already has a main
    • LMSA-8228 - Add screen reader notification to spinner
    • LMSA-8229 - Adjust alert headings to follow hierarchy
    • LMSA-8230 - Changed a definition list to a heading/list structure
    • LMSA-8547 - Adjusted permission settings for certain roles to be more accurate
    • LMSA-8600 - fixed issues with roster sync failures
    • LMSA-8602 - enable swagger
    • LMSA-8608 - Move initial group/folder sync for the user to a background thread and only do it once per session
November 3, 2022
  • LMSA-8622 - QM Advantage: The surveys don't seem to close automatically after an hour
October 27, 2022
  • IU Photoroster
  • LMSA-8573 - Do the Work to Convert QM Advantage to LTI Advantage
  • LMSA-8603 - LTI endpoint needs to be able to update the env attribute
October 25, 2022
  • LMSA-8613 - Add another voting message to gateway
October 13, 2022
  • Canvas Node Manager
    • LMSA-8480 - Do the Work to Convert Hierarchy Manager to LTI 1.3 & publish to GitHub
    • LMSA-8542 - Node Manager: Enable swagger
    • LMSA-8538 - Add support for new field in the DB and UI
    • LMSA-8578 - HRM: Update to latest services
  • Edit/Delete Course Apps
    • LMSA-8540 - Do the work to Publish "Delete/Edit Course Apps" to GitHub
    • LMSA-8592 - pom cleanup
October 12, 2022
  • LMSA-8595 - Take down 'early voting' announcement (Oct 12)
October 5, 2022
  • LMSA-8587 - Fix broken image on gateway page
  • LMSA-8591 - Add 'register to vote' message to Gateway
September 29, 2022
  • Deployed new API Portal tool as a home for all LMS related REST endpoints
  • LMSA-7572 - Publish Crosslisting Assistant to GitHub
September 15, 2022
  • LMSA-8555 - Do the Work to Update eText daily delete batch job for Winter 2022

August 18, 2022
  • LMSA-8452 - Implement Daily batch job to remove "old" course level eText tools from current/future term courses
August 12, 2022
  • LMSA-8502 - canvas-services cache collision between legacy and opensource
  • LMSA-8499 - LTI Editor is blowing up if an LTI tool placed at the course level has improper navigation placements
August 4, 2022
  • LMSA-7573 - Publish Google Course Tools to GitHub (LTI 1.3)
  • LMSA-8501 - GCT redis session namespace isn't specific for the tool version
July 28, 2022
  • LMSA-8482 - Rename backup plan
  • LMSA-8491 - Etext rename job aborts if anything but a known error happens
  • LMSA-8485 - Modify rename SQL job
July 21, 2022
  • LMSA-8122 - Node Manager Missing Nodes
  • LMSA-8389 - Rename existing course-level placements for eText and restricted license tools
  • LMSA-8434 - View'em: Chrome/Edge: After browser updates, the actions menu options are no longer accessible by keyboard
  • LMSA-8442 - Notifier: add rest endpoint to prevent user from being de-elevated
  • LMSA-8445 - Enhanced courselister: No ARIA notification that search results have updated
July 7, 2022
  • LMSA-7596 - Start a new course: Accessibility Review and Remediation
June 23, 2022
  • LMSA-8124 - Better handle API errors in provisioning code for Expand enrollments
June 22, 2022
  • LMSA-8436 - Database connection issues
  • LMSA-8127 - ATAC Results: Enhanced courselister
  • LMSA-8158 - ATAC MC Messages: 2 main regions
  • LMSA-7215 - Course Lister:  Sorting by Term is broken
June 16, 2022
  • LMSA-7569 - Deploy Canvas Notifer (LTI 1.3)
  • LMSA-7570 - Deploy Blueprint Manager (LTI 1.3)
  • LMSA-7578 - Deploy Viewem (LTI 1.3)
  • LMSA-8248 - Unizin Data Platform (UDP) - Admisison Test Score
  • LMSA-8352 - Unizin Data Platform (UDP) - Facility
  • LMSA-8353 - Unizin Data Platform (UDP) - Room
May 19, 2022
May 12, 2022
May 5, 2022
  • LMSA-8250 - Convert Canvas Gateway to microservice (deploying, but not yet switching over to point at the new stuff)
February 17, 2022
  • LMSA-7305 - Department Provisioning:  Remove code from monolith
  • Bulk Remove Users
    • LMSA-7590 - As an instructor, I want to be able to remove non-SIS users from my Canvas site in bulk rather than one at a time
  • IU Photoroster
    • LMSA-7828 - PhotoRoster-ATAC Results: Photo options drop-down in SIS course
    • LMSA-7783 - Photo Roster-ATAC Results: Sign-In Sheet View
  • CareerEDGE AdRx integration
    • LMSA-7547 - AdRx email displaying "O'Net" as O'Net
  • Multiclass Messages/Announcements
    • LMSA-7929 - Multicourse Announcements should only list courses that are not closed
    • LMSA-8097 - MC Messages: File attachment silently fails
    • LMSA-7905 - Determine a way to expose an LTI dependency REST endpoint to a tool using it
January 23, 2022
  • Update the version of the Denodo driver to v8
January 20, 2022
  • Multiclass Messages and Announcements
    • LMSA-7811 - Add a friendly message if user exceeds max file size on attachments
  • Canvas Node Manager
    • LMSA-7638 - Apply Course Template: Add a name to the table holding the template choices (for afts)
  • IU Photoroster
    • LMSA-7923 - Update photo roster to pull pronouns from Canvas
    • LMSA-7781 - PhotoRoster-ATAC Results: User Cards
  • External Tools Report
    • LMSA-8035 - Add new field for "counts" to the database table
January 7, 2022
  • Multiclass Messages and Announcements
    • LMSA-7943 - Add more tools to the Rich Text Editor in Multicourse Announcements
  • Department Provisioning
    • LMSA-7953 - Create a "source" field in lms.dept_prov_import_ids indicating whether the upload came from the app or the api
November 5, 2021
  • Canvas Service

    • LMSA-7827 - Use redis for cacheing (canvas services)

  • Crosslisting Assistant

    • LMSA-7848 - add info icon where appropriate

    • LMSA-4260 - Spike: Research cluster cache for crosslister

    • LMSA-7853 - Crosslister admin impersonation: loading a different term, section for parent course not listed as unavailable

    • LMSA-7885 - Instructor view does not show the parent SIS ID of the crosslisted sections

    • LMSA-7887 - When selecting a course to xlist, there are now 2 entries displaying in the list

    • LMSA-7845 - Do the work

  • Google Course Tools

    • LMSA-7826 - Use redis for cacheing (googlecoursetools)

    • LMSA-7785 - GCT: Spinner needed on sync button

  • Course Attribute Editor

    • LMSA-7843 - Course Attribute Editor: Remove access restrictions tied to lms.dept_prov_users

  • IU Photo Roster

    • LMSA-7825 - Use redis for cacheing (photoroster)

    • LMSA-7832 - Update crimson card tokens by Nov 12

  • SIS Grade Export

October 28, 2021
  • LMSA-7858 - Removed IT Notices menu and status dashboard from the gateway page
October 14, 2021

Key Summary Component/s

October 7, 2021

Key Summary

September 30, 2021

Key Summary

September 23, 2021
  • Pointing the following applications at Vault for configuration and secret storage:

    • Multiclass Messages and Announcements
    • View'em
    • Crosslisting Assistant
    • IU Photoroster
    • Enhanced Courselister
    • Canvas Node Manager
    • Course Unlocker
    • Course Attribute Editor
    • Quiz Proctor
    • LTI Tool Manager
    • Site Request
  • LMSA-4552 - Rivitize the site request form
  • LMSA-6794 - Accessibility fixes for Canvas Node Manager
September 21, 2021
  • Pointing the following applications at Vault for configuration and secret storage:

    • Canvas Services

    • LTI Framework Services

    • Email Services

    • IU Shared Services

    • LMS Batch

    • Canvas Notifier

    • Department Provisioning

    • Reports and Dashboards

September 2, 2021
  • Course Attribute Editor

    • LMSA-7609 - Ampersands in the course name seem to break the name after updating the sisID

    • LMSA-7611 - Clicking Find without entering a course ID results in a stack trace

    • LMSA-7490 - implement ui

    • LMSA-7545 - Create an audit log for who updated course/section information

    • LMSA-7619 - The Course Code should be editable for course sites without an official SIS ID

    • LMSA-7620 - Edit screen loads very slowly for non-SIS course with large number of sections.

    • LMSA-7642 - Add a check to make sure the course is editable when going to the edit screen

    • LMSA-7684 - tool does not work in Edge or Chrome

  • Canvas Notifier

    • LMSA-7628 - Something is causing a second notifier job to run

    • LMSA-7647 - notifier job could abort due to a canvas api error

    • LMSA-7582 - Fix accessibility issues

  • Google Course Tools

    • LMSA-7646 - If Canvas groups exist and GCT is enabled, the gct groups are created even if there are no group folders created

    • LMSA-7648 - Students do not receive the share link when groups are enabled, but not file repository

    • LMSA-7690 - Stacktrace when student shares with group

    • LMSA-7691 - GCT Roster sync failure

    • LMSA-7552 - Implement sharing

  • Other

August 19, 2021
  • Provisioning
    • LMSA-7639 - Differential Provisioning Job is failing

    • LMSA-7643 - Diffing job is failing when a user has special characters in their name

  • LTI Tool Manager
    • LMSA-7630 - LTI Tool Manager - fix ampersand issue in tool name submission

  • Multicourse Announcements
    • LMSA-7631 - Multicourse Announcements - fix ampersand issue in subject

August 6, 2021
  • Blueprint Manager

  • Canvas Notifier

    • LMSA-7618 - Canvas Notifier failing on large list

  • Google Course Tools

    • LMSA-7553 - After attempting to create a group folder, error displays and relaunching tool just displays error

    • LMSA-7554 - Students don't have a link to get to the group folder

    • LMSA-7556 - sync error

    • LMSA-7557 - Spinner needed for when the Google Course Tools page loads

    • LMSA-7602 - Group membership for groups not displaying on GCT info page for instructor

    • LMSA-7603 - If Canvas groups have been deleted, the instructor still has active links under the info page

    • LMSA-7421 - Fix accessibility issues

    • LMSA-7493 - Add support for canvas groups and synching group membership

    • LMSA-7516 - Create group folders and correct membership access

  • LTI Tool Manager

  • Multiclass Messenger

  • Photoroster

    • LMSA-7559 - Photo Roster returning 500 errors in large courses

  • Provisioning

    • LMSA-7536 - Notifications of changed site IDs are not going out for production

  • Department Provisioning

    • LMSA-7601 - Summary email contains a duplicated section

  • Other

    • LMSA-7489 - Add batch job monitoring

    • LMSA-7543 - Fix bug with missing column for suds archive table

    • LMSA-7544 - Move UserRepository from dept provisioning to IU only to make the service usable in multiple places

    • LMSA-7584 - Do the Work to Update jobs in the "batch" service to use new Derdack service

July 28, 2021
  • LMSA-7600 - Diffing job failure

  • LMSA-7583 - Provisioning zip upload fails because file/request is too big
July 27, 2021
  • Canvas Node Manager

    • LMSA-7457 - Reapply Default Settings fails on import

    • LMSA-7478 - Bump up the max file size for templates

    • LMSA-7479 - Handle template files when bigger than allowed upload limit

    • LMSA-7422 - 403 when trying to load Canvas Node Manager

    • LMSA-7414 - error when applying template

    • LMSA-7374 - Convert Hierarchy Manager to microservices

    • LMSA-7427 - Convert re-apply course template to microservices

    • LMSA-7471 - Get all subaccounts for the node manager lists

    • LMSA-7481 - add spinner to the add/edit page

  • Department Provisioning Tool

    • LMSA-7463 - Add non-interactive method for uploading files

    • LMSA-7487 - Figure out authentication for external clients

    • LMSA-7298 - As a third-party provisioner, I would like to associate specific courses in my unit to a blueprint course

  • Start A New Course Tool

    • LMSA-7228 - fix accessibility

    • LMSA-7268 - Convert to microservices

    • LMSA-7323 - Instructor roles receive 500 error

    • LMSA-7424 - After creating a new course, there is an error trying to apply the template

    • LMSA-7346 - Start a new course (microservices) breaks rabbit queue

    • LMSA-7339 - User without sis ID receives stacktrace error

    • LMSA-7456 - Add rest endpoints for data interactions

  • Batch jobs

    • LMSA-7451 - Migrate provisioning related webservices

    • LMSA-7476 - Diffing provisioning job isn't properly updating the content migration statuses

    • LMSA-7027 - Convert to microservices

    • LMSA-7419 - Migrate Canvas IU Provisoning batch job to kubernete job

    • LMSA-7461 - convert the email summary job to microservices

    • LMSA-7417 - convert edx jobs to microservices

    • LMSA-7437 - migrate Canvas env propsetter batch job

  • General

    • LMSA-7506 - Investigate if there is a way to get the rabbit listeners to re-attach after disconnection

    • LMSA-7466 - Do the work to switch to ESI provided rabbit instances

July 22, 2021
  • LMSA-7300 - Multicourse messages/announcements: Remove code from monolith
  • LMSA-7304 - Canvas Notifier: Remove code from monolith
  • LMSA-7306 - EDGE/Adrx: Remove code from monolith
  • LMSA-7307 - Enhanced Course Lister: Remove code from monolith
  • LMSA-7310 - Photoroster: Remove code from monolith
  • LMSA-7311 - Reports and Dashboards: Remove code from monolith
  • LMSA-7536 - Notifications of changed site IDs are not going out for production
  • LMSA-7546 - Monolith email troubleshooting
July 1, 2021
  • LMSA-7405 - Accessibility issue for Crosslisting Assistant
  • LMSA-6966 - As an instructor, I want to remove or edit course-level LTI tools
  • LMSA-7502 - BP Manager: Change message for courses with SIS IDs
  • LMSA-6869 - BP Manager: When selecting to publish after association and then clicking Edit, checkbox does not remain checked
June 24, 2021
May 27, 2021
  • LMSA-7438 - Updating text for course expiration emails
  • LMSA-7467 - Send course expiration emails only to active instructor roles
May 10, 2021
  • LMSA-7450 - Official photos are not displaying in SIS courses
May 7, 2021
  • LMSA-6970 - Enhanced Course Lister: keyboard access - Show More link in filter puts focus on Browse More Courses
  • LMSA-7247 - MC Announcements: Designers and TA receive a 500 error instead of their message
  • LMSA-6553 - Courselister: Published-unpublished is not working, courses do not have correct value listed either
  • LMSA-6580 - Get a 403 periodically after scaling up to multiple instances of a service
  • LMSA-6611 - enhancedCourseList.css" was blocked due to MIME type ("application/json") mismatch
  • LMSA-7264 - Group By menu does not close unless the user selects Role and tabs
  • LMSA-7324 - Launching photoroster gives 403 error
  • LMSA-6861 - Do the work to Convert Multicourse Announcements to Microservices
  • LMSA-6894 - Make the filter behavior match photoroster
  • LMSA-7173 - address accessibility issues
  • LMSA-7175 - Fix accessibility issues
  • LMSA-7219 - Fix accessibility issues
  • LMSA-7227 - Convert to microservices
  • LMSA-7249 - Add inline validation and make top-level validation links screenreader-only
  • LMSA-7263 - In Firefox, the Group By options are selected out of order using keyboard navigation
  • LMSA-7292 - Update courselist
  • LMSA-7294 - Update photoroster
  • LMSA-7341 - Convert Canvas Notifier to Microservice
  • LMSA-7351 - Need to get kube env setup to talk to crimsoncard and namecoach
  • LMSA-7364 - Course Lister: Clicking "More" in the Filter by drop-down closes the drop-down
  • LMSA-7401 - tweak the notifier

May 6, 2021
  • LMSA-7434 - Optimize udp person query
  • LMSA-7441 - Use jdbc (vs jpa repo) for person retrieval
  • LMSA-7439 - Catch failed udp file push so that the local file cleanup and emails still work
  • LMSA-7361 - Crosslister: Instructor role does not receive the error message for timeout or app error
  • LMSA-7416 - Migrate CustomWelcomeMessageWebservice to microservices
  • LMSA-7074 - Move batch/cron related things out of GCT to somewhere more common for other tools to use
  • LMSA-7430 - convert missing methods from LtiAuthorizationSpringRestWebservice
  • LMSA-7412 - The results summary job fails when the group doesn't have an entry in lms_batch_email
  • LMSA-7229 - fix accessibility (Crosslisting Assistant)
  • LMSA-7367 - Database connection pooling changes for microservices
March 25, 2021
  • LMSA-7356 - Third Party Provisioning LTI: Stack Trace when processing Expand enrollments csv
March 4, 2021
  • LMSA-7297 - Gateway header updates
  • LMSA-7340 - Fix for Reapply Default Settings button
  • LMSA-7352 - UDP issue with date for file drops
  • LMSA-6636 - Convert Lock/Unlock tool to Microservices (not yet exposed to end-users)
  • LMSA-6632 - Convert Cross-listing Assistant to Microservices (not yet exposed to end-users)
  • LMSA-6633 - Convert View'em to Microservices (not yet exposed to end-users)
  • LMSA-7226 - Microservice library updates
  • LMSA-7321 - Truncate long course names when used as a group name in Google Course Tools
  • LMSA-7285 - Google Course Tools roster sync failures if the course roster is larger than 200
February 18, 2021
  • LMSA-6379 - LMS Libraries Upgrades - PI 21-1 (Monolith)
  • LMSA-6800 - As a campus, school, or department, I want to make one or more optional course templates available to my faculty
  • LMSA-6801 - As a Canvas instructor, I want to see a list of the course templates that are available to me and apply one to my course.
  • LMSA-7289 - UDP - use date at start of job for ALL the csv file dates
February 15, 2021
February 4, 2021
  • LMSA-6987 - Roster Status Report sometimes displaying the wrong username
  • LMSA-7245 - Updates to the Canvas gateway page
January 7, 2021
  • LMSA-7202 - Re-enable the group exploding functionality and run in prd
  • LMSA-7203 - Modify the job to explode all groups for all courses we track, even if they haven't ended
December 10, 2020
  • LMSA-7198 - AdRx integration breaks if course code > 20 chars
October 29, 2020
  • LMSA-6367 - Open Spring 2021 (4212) in Canvas, CQDM, and edX
  • LMSA-6378 - Libraries update for LMS app
  • LMSA-6906 - Store username and email for syllabus supplments
  • LMSA-6960 - Minor UDP change
  • LMSA-6972 - Minor UDP change
  • LMSA-7049 - Edited a news feed on the Canvas gateway page
September 24, 2020
  • LMSA-6362 - Open Winter 2020 (4209) in Canvas, CQDM, and edX (Sept 24, 2020)
  • LMSA-6915 - As the LMS functional Team, I want to be notified if the iu_site_id for a course changes after the course has been provisioned.
  • LMSA-6916 - Update Crosslisting Assistant Business Logic
August 20, 2020
  • LMSA-6271 - (Photo Roster): Add gender pronouns via Namecoach
  • LMSA-6739 - (Photo Roster): Accessibilty improvements
  • LMSA-6804 - Added audit trail for AdRx integration
July 23, 2020
  • LMSA-6752 - As an instructor, when running the photo roster download, I want to choose which fields to export
  • LMSA-6796 - Keyboard: Name coach recordings are not accessible
  • LMSA-6856 - Photoroster checkboxes, radio buttons very sluggish in larger courses
  • LMSA-6866 - [ UDP ] Investigate latest Person duplicate issue in the SIT environment
July 9, 2020
  • LMSA-6647 - For courses that use an eText, disallow sections that do not use the same eTexts
  • LMSA-6739 - Addressing some accessibility issues in Photoroster
  • LMSA-6622 - As a BP Manager user, I want to publish my associated courses after the initial sync
  • LMSA-6377 - LMS Libraries Upgrades
  • LMSA-6802 - Address UDP issues Unizin found from latest files
June 25, 2020
June 11, 2020
  • Begin Fall 2020 semester opening
  • LMSA-4469 - [Guest Accounts]: Implement changes for new guest account service
  • LMSA-5804 - [UDP]: Create denodo view
  • LMSA-6480 - [Guest Provisioning]: New column supported for users.csv
  • LMSA-6491 - [Guest Provisioning]: Send guests emails as soon as accounts created
  • LMSA-6689 - [Gateway]: Update guest account link
  • LMSA-6725 - [Gateway]: Update guest account link
  • LMSA-6726 - [Syllabus Supplement]: Enable rich text editing
  • LMSA-6739 - [Photo Roster]: Added alt text to images
  • LMSA-6741 - [UDP]: Properties to toggle file types to upload
  • LMSA-6753 - [Batch]: Update SAML configs propagated to test environments
  • LMSA-6757 - [UDP]: Academic major file
  • LMSA-6758 - [UDP]: Academic minor file
  • LMSA-6774 - [UDP]: Academic major specialization file
  • LMSA-6779 - [UDP]: More log message info
May 18, 2020
  • LMSA-5756 - As a Canvas Instructor, I would like to be able to view and/or print out a report of course group memberships
  • LMSA-6127 - [UDP]: Academic Major feed
  • LMSA-6131 - [UDP]: Academic Major Specialization feed
  • LMSA-6740 - Unable to tab through the options
  • LMSA-6766 - Investigate why the toolbar icons aren't loading for the syllabus supplement TinyMCE editor
May 14, 2020
  • LMSA-5801 - [UDP]: Academic Degree feed
  • LMSA-5805 - [UDP]: Academic Program feed
  • LMSA-6335 - [Gateway]: js updates to make news feeds more robust
  • LMSA-6644 - [Crosslisting Assistant]: added warning about courses with an eText
  • LMSA-6674 - [Batch]: added Saml configuration checks for test instances
April 30, 2020
  • LMSA-6693 - Change subject line of AdRx advisor notification email
  • Edit Assignments in bulk: ENABLED
  • Mute notifications per course: ENABLED
  • Add Rubrics to course nav menu: ENABLED
April 16, 2020
  • LMSA-6598 - Add functionality in lms app to use multiple google buckets for unizin file upload
April 9, 2020
  • LMSA-6294 - [Multicourse Messages and Announcements]: text changes
  • LMSA-6352 - Modify sudsarchive REST call to deal with the 6 new columns in the instructor table
  • LMSA-6478 - [Node Manager]: fix the dropdown to not be behind the editor
  • LMSA-6514 - [UDP]: changes to datasources
  • LMSA-6594 - Fix for Sonar goal in a bamboo builds
  • LMSA-6595 - [UDP]: Delete temporary directory used for csv files on the app node after upload
  • LMSA-6598 - [UDP]: Create a REST endpoint to query bucket contents
April 2, 2020
  • LMSA-6624 - Lots of gateway changes
  • LMSA-6643 - Box: Discontinue the code that expires the Box LTI tool and breaks up the Box groups
March 27, 2020
  • LMSA-6621 - Updated gateway page with new image and prep for more COVID-19 information
March 26, 2020
  • BigBlueButton Conferencing disabled (by rep, Brianna Potts)
  • Web Conferences - Create permission disabled for all pertinent Account & Course roles
March 5, 2020
  • LMSA-5057 - Sort View'em Entire Worksheet View in ascending order by sortable name
  • LMSA-5059 - View'em: Modify error message when users are not in the course
  • LMSA-5548 - As a Canvas instructor, I want to be able to delete the top level Box Course Folder
  • LMSA-6376 - LMS Libraries Upgrades - PI 20-1
  • LMSA-6468 - Sort View'em Entire Worksheet View in ascending order by sortable name
  • LMSA-6523 - Box: Invalid string role in server logs when creating course folders
February 20, 2020
  • LMSA-6502 - Fix failing unit tests
  • LMSA-6503 - edx provisioning troubleshooting (split the job into two parts)
February 6, 2020
  • LMSA-5551 - As a Canvas admin, I want to be able to crosslist/decrosslist courses on behalf of an instructor
  • LMSA-6427 - As a CQDM Superadmin, I want to be able to view and clear pending imports
January 23, 2020
  • LMSA-4966 - changes to when Box groups, folders, emails are made
  • LMSA-5787 - edX course enrollments (not ready for production use)
  • LMSA-5788 - edX program enrollments (not ready for production use)
  • LMSA-6038 - Box Wizard implementation
  • LMSA-6089 - UX upgrade for Box Personal File Sharing
  • LMSA-6163 - move the coursesTaughtBy cache exclusively in the Crosslisting tool
  • LMSA-6276 - changes for the print view of the photo roster sign-in sheet
  • LMSA-6405 - changes to not allow nulls into the node manager
January 18, 2020
  • Enabled Direct Share feature option (ON)
  • Enabled RCE Enhancements feature option (ALLOW)
November 14, 2019
  • LMSA-6281 - Canvas Notifier not sending final confirmation message for some senders
  • LMSA-6270 - IU Photo Roster often returns error 500 when loading in course of 1086 members
  • LMSA-4553 - "Rivet-ize" the Cross-listing Assistant
October 31, 2019
  • LMSA-5524 - Open Spring 2020 in Canvas
  • LMSA-6064 - Remove "owner" and "co-owner" role from Box permissions screens (dropbox and personal folder sharing)
  • LMSA-6165 - Reports & Dashboards: Add flag to control tab destination of report (same or new)
October 17, 2019
  • LMSA-4924 - job created to automatically update XML in test environments
  • LMSA-5173 - custom notifications feature for creating guest accounts
  • LMSA-6172 - make server startup and batch jobs not dependent on Box status
  • LMSA-6173 - alter login links on beta
  • LMSA-6189 - notification email summary related to custom notifications
  • LMSA-6190 - bug fix for custom notifications
  • LMSA-6202 - modified code to do sanity checks on emplid instead of loginid
September 19, 2019
  • LMSA-5135  - Replace hero image on Canvas Gateway
  • LMSA-5523  - Open Winter 2019 in Canvas and CQDM
  • LMSA-5526  - LMS App Libraries Ugrades - PI 19-3
  • LMSA-5896  - Upgrade LMS app to newer version of Rivet (> 1.4.0)
  • LMSA-6092  - The Enhanced course list should not display pending invitations if the course end date has passed
  • LMSA-6101  - Update Canvas/Expand Gateway footer to bicentennial branding
  • LMSA-6110  - Add "created_on" timestamp to lms.canvas_import_ids
  • LMSA-6124  - 3rd party provisioning: Users should be added and/or removed if they have a Canvas account and AMS is unavailable
  • LMSA-6125  - Blueprint not displaying just uncross-listed courses
  • LMSA-6133  - Adjust calls in LMS app that use the Courses API that has an issue with de-crosslisting
  • LMSA-6160  - Canvas: Cross-listing assistant error ISSUE=1966308 PROJ=36
  • LMSA-6162  - A section belonging to a course which contains crosslisted sections should not be available for crosslisting into another course
August 29, 2019
  • LMSA-6107 / LMSA-6115 - Cross-listing Assistant isn't showing all eligible sections / Bug fix for Cross-lister
August 22, 2019
  • LMSA-6106 - Bug fix for Photo Roster in Safari
August 15, 2019
  • Removed DropThought from all accounts
  • Removed Taskstream from IN
  • Installed Taskstream in IN-EDUC-GRP
  • Installed 'Apply a Template' LTI at root
  • Removed IUPUI Syllabus Supplement from IN
  • Replaced the IUPUI Syllabus supplement with the Syllabus Addendum
  • Removed the Content Migrations LTI
  • Added 'Search, Filter, Manage Courses' link to the Courses menu
  • Removed 'Start a New Course' and 'Multicourse Messages' links from Account Menu
August 8, 2019
  • LMSA-5703 - As an instructor, I want to be able to manually apply a template to my course (not yet exposed)
  • LMSA-5655 - Changes to support new sandbox environment (should have no impact on production)
  • LMSA-6059 - Remove an outdated file as identified by the Qualys security scanner
July 25, 2019
  • LMSA-5958 - As the LMS Dev team, I want an endpoint that will allow me to generate an accounts.csv file for the terms I specify and upload to Canvas so I don't need to do this manually when opening new terms.
  • LMSA-6018 - Student/observer roles should not be able to favorite unpublished courses 
  • LMSA-6020 - Underline "reset the password" and "register a different address" hyperlinks in Guest Account workflow on Canvas Gateway page.
  • LMSA-6036 - Course Lister: SIS IDs not displaying for non-admins
July 11, 2019
  • LMSA-5796 - Enhanced Course List tool
  • LMSA-5937 - Prevent multiple course creations
  • LMSA-5956 - REST endpoint for templated_courses
  • LMSA-5957 - Mismatched courseIds handled better for provisioning Engage tool
  • LMSA-5996 - Crosslisting tool displaying same term twice
  • LMSA-6012 - Crosslisting tool - adding a new term fix
  • LMSA-6014 - Crosslisiting tool - request header too big when adding additional terms
June 13, 2019
  • LMSA-5630 - As a Canvas admin, I want to add, update, or delete a provisioning template for a specific Canvas node
  • LMSA-5621 - As a Canvas admin, I want to add, update, or delete a syllabus supplement for a specific Canvas node
  • LMSA-5666 - As a Canvas admin, I want to preview the rendered syllabus supplements for a specific canvas course.
  • LMSA-5727 - As an LMS admin or dev team member, I want to list, add, delete, or update the information for a report in the report aggregator table
  • LMSA-5676 - As a Canvas user, I want to see a list of reports that are available about my course or about me so I can launch any report in the list.
  • LMSA-5905 - Remove/disable New Gradebook Feature Options code from provisioning code
  • LMSA-5895 - Console error for Photoroster
  • LMSA-5900 - IU Photo Roster - Request failed with status code 500 -lshuck
  • Opening FA19
June 6, 2019
  • New Gradebook enabled in all courses
May 16, 2019
  • LMSA-5525 - LMS App Libraries Upgrades - PI 19-2
  • LMSA-5876 - Multicourse Messages: Error if attachment filename has i18n chars
May 2, 2019
April 22, 2019
  • LMSA-5425 - As the LMS team, I want to be notified if there are more than 5 pending SIS import jobs in Canvas so I can investigate the bottleneck
  • LMSA-5776 - Update box sdk to latest version
  • LMSA-4753 - Convert CommunicationChannelService from Jersey to RestTemplate
  • LMSA-4759 - Convert ImportService from Jersey to RestTemplate
  • LMSA-4750 - Convert CourseService from Jersey to RestTemplate
  • LMSA-4758 - Convert UserService from Jersey to RestTemplate
  • LMSA-5462 - Refactor pagination to use LinkHeaderParser approach
  • LMSA-5770 - Remove old photoroster code
  • LMSA-5842 - Cross-listing Assistant throws 500 error for Corinne Renguette
  • LMSA-5780 - Fix Courseload conflict with template
  • LMSA-5768 - As a Canvas Notifier initiator, I want to receive the status notification messages for the notifications I initiate
  • LMSA-5851 - Additional Course Templating Logic
  • LMSA-5843 - Template not applied to SU19 courses
April 11, 2019
  • Regenerated key and secret for Box File Picker.
March 28, 2019
  • LMSA-280   - As an academic dean or department head, I want all of the courses offered by my school or program to have common characteristics so that the student experience is consistent
  • LMSA-5244 - Archive SUDS tables after they are removed from the feed
  • LMSA-5421 - Add 3rd party SIS Imports to our local archive job and extend archive period to 3 days
  • LMSA-5543 - As an authorized Canvas Notifier user, I want to send out a bulk notification
  • LMSA-5561 - As an instructor, I want to override the calculated final grade for my course and import the override grade into SIS
  • LMSA-5609 - As a Canvas admin, I want to add a new campus, school, or department template to the template database.
  • LMSA-5641 - Make it possible for IUSM classes to see official photos in the new Photo Roster
  • LMSA-5673 - As the LMS Admin, I want to enable the new Canvas Gradebook and Final Grade Override in all SU19 and FA19 classes
  • LMSA-5737 - Do not validate emplIDs in 3rd party provisioning enrollment.csv files regardless of enrollment status
March 7, 2019
  • LMSA-3892 - pom dependency analysis and cleanup
  • LMSA-5688 - Box Course Folders display a communication error on init
February 21, 2019
Canvas (Java 11 update)
  • LMSA-4754 - delete unused gb history services

  • LMSA-4995 - Remove unneeded FA18 checks

  • LMSA-5110 - Old photo roster code cleanup

  • LMSA-5299 - Several Java 11 specific changes, including updating the jdbc Denodo driver to work with Java 11

  • LMSA-5497 - Photo Roster bug fix

  • LMSA-5544 - Canvas Notifier work (not in production)

  • LMSA-5639 - IE11 mouse pointer fix for Photo Roster

  • LMSA-5663 - guest account provisioning fix

February 7, 2019
  • LMSA-5253 - As an IU dept or external organization, I want to be able to bulk enroll users into Canvas courses via the IU Expand service

  • LMSA-4447 - As the student data steward, I want official photos to only display in the IU Photo Roster in SIS courses

  • LMSA-4764 - As a course member, I want to be able to print the current view of the photo roster

  • LMSA-5448 - Photoroster: TAs Should not be able to access the tool

  • LMSA-5560 - 3rd Party enrollment processor throwing out legit users because they are not in IMS feed
  • LMSA-4262 - Remove ehcache (and the caching code in general) from the proxy as we aren't planning on using the existing cache for load testing

  • Enabled feature option 'Enable Resource Previews (Beta)'
January 24, 2019
  • LMSA-4346 - Implement Name Coach into new photo roster (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-4446 - new photo roster updates to small grid view (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-4577 - integrate Name Coach into photo roster (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-4755 - converted FileUploadService to RestTemplate

  • LMSA-4756 - converted TermService to RestTemplate

  • LMSA-4757 - converted AnnouncementService to RestTemplate

  • LMSA-4761 - new photo roster updates to medium grid view (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-4763 - Add ability to Download data in new photo roster (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-4764 - Add ability to print current view in new photo roster (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-5053 - Updated the smartbanner used on Canvas gateway / other updates

  • LMSA-5224 - Implement new gateway for IU Expand

  • LMSA-5276 - Adjusted calls to Crimson Card API

  • LMSA-5408 - new photo roster updates to sign-in view (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-5440 - Add loading icon to new photo roster (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-5442 - Add server information to the footer of new photo roster (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-5443 - Add option to open new photo roster in a new window (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-5445 - update icons used in new photo roster (not exposed in production)

January 18, 2019
November 15, 2018
  • Lots of Photo Roster revisions that will not be exposed in production yet
  • LMSA-5278 - centralized Rivet assets for the LMS app and upgrade to 1.1.0
  • LMSA-5320 - Blueprint Manager modifications for deciding to sync course settings
  • LMSA-5355 - Ensure Crimson Card results are distinct and not returning multiples
  • LMSA-5369 - Replace Umail with Gmail in the gateway
  • LMSA-5385 - Add server name to rabbitMQ emails
  • LMSA-5416 - Remove period from guest account emails
November 1, 2018
  • LMSA-5211 - Open Spring 2019 term

  • LMSA-5152 - As an instructor, I want my blueprint course to be associated with a term with no expiration date so I don't need to add an end date to my BP course to keep it open

  • LMSA-5404 - Enable property to turn on templating for manually created courses
October 18, 2018
  • LMSA-5277 - Remove the digital signature from email messages sent to OnBase as part of the CareerEDGE/AdRx integration

  • LMSA-5235 - Set "limit_section_privileges" to false for all 100% Online course enrollments (Canvas Provisioning)

  • LMSA-4068 - As an instructor, I want to be able to create an internal Canvas message and send it to all members of multiple classes in which I am a teacher.
  • LMSA-5294 - CourseExpirationNotificationTest unit test failing in Bamboo
October 4, 2018
  • LMSA-5134 - Remove duplicate account IDs from accounts.csv before processing

  • LMSA-5162 - As an instructor creating a new course, I want the global template to be applied to my course. (currently disabled)

September 20, 2018
  • LMSA-4855 - As a Canvas user, I want Canvas-related email notifications sent by the LMS team to have a digital signature so I know they are trusted.

  • LMSA-5007 - Create/modify LTI tool configurations to accomodate new Messenger tool
  • LMSA-5031 - Retain provisioning zip files for 48 hours

  • LMSA-5128 - Provision WI18 Term
  • LMSA-5178 - Create a way to ensure connectivity to rabbitMQ
August 9, 2018
  • LMSA-4659 - Library updates
  • LMSA-4809 - Library updates
  • LMSA-4975 - In multi node config make sure security webservice creating property admin users only happens on one node

  • LMSA-4993 - Removed basic auth from webservices

  • LMSA-5036 - Full user provisioning added to full provisioning job
  • LMSA-5130 - all sub-accounts should now show on 'Create New Course' page
July 12, 2018
  • LMSA-4309 - As a canvas instructor, I want my newly provisioned courses to have default settings that reflect instructor preferences and practices at IU
  • LMSA-4748 - Convert AssignmentService from Jersey to RestTemplate
  • LMSA-4749 - Convert SectionService from Jersey to RestTemplate

  • LMSA-4751 - Convert ConversationService from Jersey to RestTemplate

  • LMSA-4752 - Convert AccountService from Jersey to RestTemplate

  • LMSA-5066 - Blueprint: 500 error when trying to associate a course that is already associated with a blueprint
  • LMSA-5030 - As an instructor, I want to be redirected to the Canvas Announcements tool after I successfully post a multicourse announcement
June 14, 2018
  • Open Fall 2018 Provisioning in Canvas (and CQDM)

  • LMSA-4067 - Multiclass Messenger bug fixes and improvements

  • LMSA-4969 - Endpoint for web service

  • LMSA-4997 - Workaround for RabbitMQ timeout issues

May 31, 2018
  • LMSA-4743 - LMS App libraries upgrades
  • LMSA-4067 - As an instructor, I want to be able to create an announcement and post it to multiple Canvas classes in which I am a teacher (not yet available for end users)
  • LMSA-4956 - Remove standalone user provisioning job from code
  • LMSA-4876 - Remove unused code from MQ/batch refactoring
  • LMSA-4847 - BP Manager: make column width wider for list of associated courses
  • LMSA-4935 - Cross-listing Assistant: Need names added to elements
  • LMSA-4900 - BP Manager: add a name to the ul and li for final/added/removed courses on confirmation page
  • LMSA-4669 - Updating MQ snapshots on test servers is annoying. Add a toggle to update snapshots and not run the rest of MQ related code
May 17, 2018
  • LMSA-4832 - Remove all oracle related code from LMS
  • LMSA-4868 - Canvas Provisioning: Remove sections and enrollments from MQ job; run differential batch upload every 30 minutes
  • LMSA-4938 - Crosslisting Assistant has inner scrollbars again
  • LMSA-4937 - Box Course Folders throw a 500 error for the course "Learning Portfolio S2018 Cohort"
  • LMSA-4943 - As an IUOCC course instructor, I want to be able to pull grades for students in all sections of my CoI course into the SIS Grade Roster so I don't need to enter them manually
  • LMSA-4699 - (Rotate internal passwords) Web services, redirect for LTI tools
April 19, 2018
  • LMSA-4665 - Remove wicket code from Photoroster
  • LMSA-4762 - Box: Remove "sharing" link from observer role
  • LMSA-4798 - Separate group account for Denodo
  • LMSA-4836 - Investigate possible duplicate dependencies
  • LMSA-4838 - Added DigestAuth
April 5, 2018
  • LMSA-4636As a Box folders user, I want to be warned if I try to use personal folder sharing to share a folder in the course folders hierarchy because that can screw up permissions.
  • LMSA-4714 - As a Box Course Folders user, I want to see a list of the folders shared with my course groups
  • LMSA-4266 - As an instructor/student in a specific IPFTW program, I want to access my courses in Canvas.
  • LMSA-4739Set the new server nodes as jms listetners
  • LMSA-4541Open Summer 2018 Term (April 5)
  • LMSA-4679: Enable cross-semester cross-listing in April 5 release.
  • LMSA-4840: Enable Spring MVC code in IU Photo Roster
  • LMSA-4841: IU Photo Roster: Pull Photos from Crimson Card API if available
  • LMSA-4054 - Blueprint Manager
March 22, 2018
  • LMSA-4634 - Updates to endpoint
  • LMSA-4305 - As the student data steward, I want users in crosslisted sections to be hidden from other sections (except for IUOCC and crosslisted classes in the schedule of classes) so that IU is compliant with FERPA
  • Blueprint Manager (not yet available for end users)
    • LMSA-4680 - Blueprint Manager: Add whitespace below buttons on main page.
    • LMSA-4652 - Blueprint Manager: When user selects a different term, put focus on that term
    • LMSA-4591 - Give the user a way to collapse a term
    • LMSA-4661 - Blueprint Manager: Text above term drop-down needs to be modified
    • LMSA-4705 - Change display name of tool to Blueprint Manager
    • LMSA-4673 - Move blueprint manager out of experimental profile in the pom
  • LMSA-4632 - Colon in dropbox folder name causes sync error in Windows
  • Photoroster Enhancements (not yet available for end users)
    • LMSA-4604 - Add feature toggle for photoroster to switch image source from NAS to CC
    • LMSA-4485 - Spike: Convert existing Photo Roster to Spring MVC
  • Multi-Course Messenger (not yet available to end users)
    • LMSA-4067 - As an instructor, I want to be able to create an announcement and post it to multiple Canvas classes in which I am a teacher
  • LMSA-4655 - Add header to fix click jacking on gateway page and feeds
  • LMSA-4704 - BoxGroupSync job fails periodically

February 22, 2018
  • LMSA-4588 - Remove time from the course expiration email

  • LMSA-4067 - Multiclass Messenger: As an instructor, I want to be able to create an announcement and post it to multiple Canvas classes in which I am a teacher (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-4398 - Oracle to Postgres migration work (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-4594 - Blueprint: Add the course ID in parens behind course name in associate courses page (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-4596 - Blueprint: As an instructor, when I associate courses with the Blueprint Template, I want the courses to sync automatically (not exposed in production)

  • LMSA-4638 - added details in preparation for rabbitmq (not exposed in production)

February 8, 2018
  • LMSA-4539 - Add KB link to drop box email

  • LMSA-4233 - As an instructor, I want students who swap sections to be set to inactive in the old section so I can view their grades and count them toward the grade in the new section

  • LMSA-2618 - As an advisor, I want an email notification when one of my advisees pushes a CareerEDGE artifact to AdRx.

  • LMSA-4222 - IU LTI Tools do not work in courses where there are foreign/strange characters in the course name

  • LMSA-4557 - Create course confirmation screen does not display local time

  • LMSA-4571 - IU Photo Roster - Internal error on Group by Section

  • LMSA-4508 - User details are missing from photoroster tool

January 25, 2018
  • LMSA-4097 - As an instructor, I want to be able to see which students have invoked their FERPA rights in Canvas so I can protect the student's privacy

  • LMSA-4460 - Fix typo for Quizzes in Blueprint Manager

  • LMSA-4159 - Go through LMS app and make sure we are consistent w/ how we are handling dates/timezones

  • LMSA-4408 - Remove locally developed Gradebook History tool

  • LMSA-4467 - In instructor menu, change text to "Go to student drop box folders" (add space between drop and boxes)

  • LMSA-4423 - PUT to boxinit/{id} generates a 415

  • LMSA-4407 - Code to only interact with stuff via the service account

  • LMSA-4540 - Box sharing personal folder displays course name in success message instead of the shared folder name

  • LMSA-4429 - Fix spelling mistake

  • LMSA-4476 - As student with FERPA restrictions, I want the FERPA flag to appear in the IU Photo Roster in non-SIS courses

December 14, 2017
  • LMSA-4063 - Blueprint LTI tool (not available in production yet)
  • LMSA-4181 - Box sharing link in popup
  • LMSA-4310 - Box changes to "Invite Collaborators" menu depending on role
  • LMSA-4368 - Box changes to viewing group membership
  • LMSA-4369 - permission changes for Box account
  • LMSA-4403 - BoxInitializationStatusSpringRestWebservice enhancements
  • LMSA-4405 - LmsLtiAuthz datatype change
November 30, 2017
  • LMSA-4348 - Course titles need to be sanitized for Box
  • LMSA-4372 - Investigate grad roster load failing to upload
  • LMSA-4373 - Fix call to WS getSisGrades where writing to audit table blows up w/ a NPE on grade thus resulting in a 500 error
November 16, 2017
  • LMSA-4198 - iFrame should extend the length of the iframe container
  • LMSA-4180 - Subaccount Assignments in Canvas
  • LMSA-4191 - Some OCC courses provisioned in the root account
  • LMSA-4192 - Courses with no existing dept are being dumped into root instead of {campus}-ORPHANS
  • LMSA-4342 - Investigate continued random batch failures
  • LMSA-1806 - As an instructor, I want Engage to be in my Canvas course navigation menu if my course is using an eText, so I don't need to remember to add it myself.
  • LMSA-4303 - Restrict visibility of Box groups to group members only
  • LMSA-4304 - On Box Course Folders launch, add instructors, tas and related roles to additional groups
  • LMSA-4297 - Increase Font Size and Face to match new Canvas UI
November 2, 2017
  • LMSA-4195 - Performance and UI improvements for Cross-listing tool for multi-term usage (not exposed in production)
  • LMSA-4234 - Added round-robin proxy token service
October 19, 2017
  • [LMSA-3958] - Upgrade LMS dependency libraries
  • [LMSA-4168] - Crosslister - Add bootstrap and spinner/loading icons where appropriate
  • [LMSA-4176] - If Box Course Folders were never launched and the course is closed, links should not display on landing page
  • [LMSA-3960] - Upgrade proxy Membrane product and dependency libraries
October 5, 2017
  • [LMSA-4146] - Create unit tests for the boxStatus driven UI message for BoxController
  • [LMSA-4185] - When the new Canvas proxy token is put into place on the proxy we need to make sure that batch job that verifies that becomeuser functionality still works using this new token
  • [LMSA-4031] - Include the previous 2 years and future 1 year worth of sections in the list of available
  • [LMSA-4139] - Revise the code so that the user selects additional terms, if desired
  • [LMSA-4171] - Add a feature toggle for multi-term cross-listing
  • [LMSA-4182] - Add cache
  • [LMSA-4183] - Add a way to see cache statistics
  • [LMSA-4188] - Remove tips header
  • [LMSA-4028] - Suppression of "BUKD" and "BUEX" student provisioning
  • [LMSA-4229] - Replace LMS oncsmtp mail-relay account/creds w/ new one from LMSA-4228
  • LMSA-4224 - Swap out Proxy's old canvas token w/ the new one
September 21, 2017
  • LMSA-3156 - As a Canvas users, I want to share a personal Box folder with my entire class or specific roles in my class so they can view or collaborate on the files (not exposed in production)
  • LMSA-3489 - As an instructor, I want to search the Gradebook History by assignment, student, grader or date so I can investigate discrepancies
  • LMSA-3822thymeleaf layout changes
  • LMSA-3825Convert SisGradeAuditServiceImpl into JPA Repository
  • LMSA-3851Group notifications now display "context" for the Box course/Dropbox notifications
  • LMSA-3858Remove duplicate code in Box Folder Sharing (not exposed in production)
  • LMSA-3859 - More efficient code for displaying Box Folder Sharing messages (not exposed in production)
  • LMSA-3917IU Photo Roster: Instructors cannot see photos in "past enrollment" courses
  • LMSA-3948As an Instructor, I want the Course Unlocker tool to set the start date for the course to today's date if the date is in the future so that I am not locked out of my course
  • LMSA-3977Investigate use of for better management of our UI dependencies
  • LMSA-3992As an instructor, I want the Box Course Folders landing page menu to be unavailable if roster syncing/groups are no longer available (not exposed in production)
  • LMSA-3993As an admin, I want the Box groups replaced with the actual users when the course/term ends instead of 6 months later
  • LMSA-3994Set the invitability_level to 'all_managed_users' for Box groups (not exposed in production)
  • LMSA-4045Create mechanism to control if the box share option is available on a more granular level (not exposed in production)
  • LMSA-4048As an instructor, I want to be able to print out a roster from the IU Photo Roster, so I can use it as a sign-in sheet for student attendance
  • LMSA-4072On javadocs publish an error occurs
  • LMSA-4079Create prd and dev box client app for the oauth process
  • LMSA-4082IE11: Display a message for IE11 users for sharing Box folders to use Firefox or Chrome (not exposed in production)
  • LMSA-4118Enable Gradebook History tool
  • LMSA-4151Change back the groupId for the lms-lti-box artifact
  • LMSA-4152Help button documentation for Box roles is broken (not exposed in production)
  • LMSA-4172 - If a Box course/term has ended, the landing page should display a message and suppress the links to Box
September 6, 2017
  • LMSA-4150 - Canvas Gateway not showing featured story
August 10, 2017
  • LMSA-3988 - Viewem page components are not displaying
  • LMSA-3984 - Cross-listing assistant not working properly in auto-crosslisted (IUOCC) courses
  • LMSA-3937 - Make a db property to toggle the box share option on/off
  • LMSA-4006 - Dropboxes should not be created for designers and observers
  • LMSA-3915 - Add a database constraint to prevent duplicate proxy tokens (only 1 token/per userid allowed)

July 27, 2017
  • LMSA-3814 - Extract canvas specific code out into a separate module

  • LMSA-3861 - As an admin, I want Success Coaches added to the appropriate courses when courses are provisioned
  • LMSA-1525 - As an instructor, I would like to receive a Canvas notification containing the names of the groups and folders created for my class.
  • LMSA-3820 - Convert dropbox notifications to just send emails
  • LMSA-3754 - UX overhaul templating for Box
  • LMSA-3712 - Spinner for Box Course Folders landing page needs to display sooner
  • LMSA-2212 - Replace usage of BoxGroupExtension with native functionality, if PR gets merged
  • LMSA-3828 - Display only the username in the error message if a user's Box account hasn't been set up yet
  • LMSA-3911 - Spinner on Box landing page - enhancements needed
  • LMSA-3835 - IE: Spinner loads, then freezes
  • LMSA-3891 - Box landing page - enhancements needed
  • LMSA-3810 - DropBox UI bugs
  • LMSA-3834 - Deleted and inactive users are not removed from Box
  • LMSA-3899 - Update instructions on Invite Collaborators screen
  • LMSA-3156 - As a Canvas users, I want to share a personal Box folder with my entire class or specific roles in my class so they can view or collaborate on the files
  • LMSA-3621 - Proxy: Production allows multiple tokens for one user

  • LMSA-3756 - As a denodo user, I'd like the proxy to be able to return a json formatted result on a query mode toggle that makes the proxy return the page links only for that request, so that denodo can use this result to paginate through future queries

  • LMSA-3927 - Update Proxy to supply header information for LoudSight 

June 15, 2017
  • LMSA-3489 - Gradebook History modifications (not exposed in production yet)
  • LMSA-3530 - Box Dropbox folder creation and enhancements (not fully exposed in production yet)
  • LMSA-3532 - Box Dropbox - dropped students from a course lose access to folders (not fully exposed in production yet)
  • LMSA-3709 - Box - use partial email match for user lookup (not fully exposed in production yet)
  • LMSA-3727 - Box Dropbox - Folder creation notifications via Oracle AQ process (not fully exposed in production yet)
May 18, 2017
  • LMSA-3489 - As an instructor, I want to search the Gradebook History by assignment, student, grader or date so I can investigate discrepancies (not exposed in production yet)

  • Enabling Box Integration in limited production (experimental)

  • LMSA-3695 - Canvas Email Issue: Place "retired" email address as secondary email in Canvas for users whose default email was changed in Canvas

  • LMSA-3696 - Inactive students generating missing grades error when Grades are Loaded into SIS
May 1, 2017
  • LMSA-3687 - Site Request bug fix for 1st day of the month

April 20, 2017
  • LMSA-1796 - Reorganized View'em CSS files

  • LMSA-3161 - Added loading page for Box LTI (not exposed in production)

April 6 , 2017
  • LMSA-3161 - As a Canvas user, when I launch the Box folders tool I want to see a menu of options so I can decide what I action I want to take
  • LMSA-3459 - Update Canvas Gateway with new ITCO header
  • LMSA-3470 - IE: Using keyboard access, instructor is not able to upload a file
  • LMSA-3560 - Relocate the proxy specific stuff from the LMS codebase into the proxy codebase
March 23 , 2017
  • LMSA-3491 - Rename the RedshiftService to something along the lines of CanvasDataService

  • LMSA-3524 - If folders exist, navigate to folders. If none exist, display better message

  • LMSA-3537 - Inactive users are still able to access the course folder in Box
  • LMSA-1907 - Change the expiration time of a manually created course

  • LMSA-3519 - Write batch job to determine status of the become_user functionality
  • LMSA-2292 - Users not removed from Box folders
  • LMSA-2843 - Box: Enable, Test, and Fix batch job to remove groups 6 months after end date
March 9 , 2017
  • LMSA-3435 - View'em: ViewSheetAsInstructor page not keyboard accessible for tabs

  • LMSA-3461 - AQ provisioning job does not properly handle inactive enrollments

  • LMSA-3422 - IU PhotoRoster displays inactive students

March 8 , 2017
  • Emergency change to correct some failing provisioning jobs
February 23, 2017
  • LMSA-1692 - updated LMS code libraries

  • LMSA-1774 - provisioning uses 'inactive' status in Canvas

  • LMSA-3404 - fixed dependency loading order

February 18, 2017
  • Feature option Canvas Context Cards enabled
February 16, 2017
  • Enabled course lock/unlock JS/CSS and LTI tool
February 9, 2017
  • Turned off "LTI add and edit" permission from the following roles: TA, Teacher, Co-Instructor, Librarian, and Designer
January 28, 2017
  • Feature option "Mastery Paths" and "Dashboard Images" enabled
January 26, 2017
  • LMSA-3117 - Implement new efficient diffing logic for course and roster provisioning job
  • LMSA-2995 - As a Canvas admin, I want additional units to appear in the Canvas Admin Agreement form so I don’t need to write them in by hand
  • LMSA-1776 - As an instructor, I want to extend the end date of my expired course so I can make modifications to the content or allow student submissions and re-lock it when I am done (not available yet)
December 22, 2016
  • LMSA-1958 - As the instructor of an IUOCC course, I want all sections to be automatically crosslisted with the primary section so I don't need to worry about doing it myself 
  • LMSA-1808 - As a new Canvas user or an IU user with a new primary email address, I want my default email address to be so it never changes, even if I change my primary email address
October 28, 2016
  • LMSA-2950 - Made changes for 3rd party Canvas database connection and other bug fixes to improve memory/resource management
September 1, 2016
  • LMSA-2640 - Switch the discoveryURL API endpoint to the updated/supported version
  • LMSA-2681 - Remove Oncourse from services list
July 14, 2016
  • LMSA-2471 - Box Integration: Set invitability on the group when created
  • LMSA-2473 - Box Integration: Set group membership to hidden when group is created
  • LMSA-1874 - Duplicate the Canvas Gateway App with Different Feeds and Target Host 
  • LMSA-2537 - As a Canvas Catalog user, after I create a guest account, I want the Home button to take me back to the expandportal login page, not the canvas portal login page
June 16, 2016
  • LMSA-2363 - Canvas Reports: Secondary recommendations for accessibility from ATAC

  • LMSA-2327 - Modify our RedshiftService to better handle the actual service being unavailable

  • LMSA-2325 - Photo Roster accessiblity revisions recommended by ATAC

June 2, 2016
  • Site expiration notifications - converted term expiration date/time from UTC to Eastern Time
May 19, 2016
  • LMSA-2311 - Redshift password needs to be updated for Canvas3
May 5, 2016
  • LMSA-2246 - IU Photo Roster bug fix
  • LMSA-2274 - Canvas Reports Redshift connection problem
  • LMSA-2257 - Cross-listing Assistant accessibility revisions

April 21, 2016
April 7, 2016
  • LMSA-2180 - Load SU16 courses & enrollments data into Canvas

  • The new Cross-listing Assistant tool will be available in all Canvas classes. For more information, see:

    • Hide the buttons that facilitate native cross-listing and de-cross-listing in Canvas.

  • Accessibility improvements to Canvas Gateway and Site Request form.

  • A new button in the sidebar of the Canvas Dashboard and all course home pages will show faculty of record how many eAdd requests are pending for their courses. Clicking the button will take the instructor to a filtered view of their Action List so they can process the request. This button on displays for users with pending requests, and is not likely to be visible for any instructors given the time of year.

March 24, 2016
  • LMSA-1681 - Cross-listing Assistant (disabled in production)

  • LMSA-1829 - Webservice to delete proxy tokens

  • LMSA-1912 - Generalize CORS interceptor to add headers

  • LMSA-1950 - Site Request accessibility improvements

  • LMSA-1970 - Cross-listing Assistant refinements (disabled in production)

  • LMSA-2029 - Timezone issues with DateService

March 10, 2016
  • LMSA-1923 - Create lti key/secret in all databases(reg/stg/prd)
  • LMSA-1922 - Create tool skeleton via the archetype
  • LMSA-1924 - Add "friendly" message for unauthorized users
  • LMSA-1914 - NPE when trying to initialize box stuff for the first time
  • LMSA-1911 - Use JPA annotations instead of direct sql for interacting with the new table
  • LMSA-1739 - Create JSON File with Node data for Department Admin Form

  • LMSA-1846 - Create REST service to access the file

  • LMSA-1880 - "A" level compliance for view'em tool
  • LMSA-1905 - The time in the email is GMT time and needs to be converted to the instructors timezone
  • LMSA-1937 - Add a check for the Term Override box
  • LMSA-1945 - Handle error cases

  • LMSA-1955 - Remove the code for test purpose
  • LMSA-1953 - Refactor the code to get the email address from redshift table instead of suds table
February 25, 2016
  • LMSA-1842 - Create email mechanism to send message to users

  • LMSA-1843 - Write the logic to determine when to send out a message to the users
  • LMSA-1844 - Create brte script for batch environment (inactive)
  • LMSA-1830 - 'A' Level Compliance for Roster Status Report and Grade Report for Dropped Students
  • LMSA-1831 - 'AA' Level Compliance for Roster Status Report and Grade Report for Dropped Students
  • LMSA-1913 - Enable tool for production for CareerEDGE AdRx integration  (inactive)
February 18, 2016
  • Updated Dept Admin role to match same permissions as the Course Admin role

  • Set the feature option "Quiz Log Auditing" to the "On" position
February 11, 2016
  • LMSA-1024 - As an instructor, I want a a collection of folders in Box for my course so I can easily share Box assets with my students and/or other instructors

  • LMSA-1025 - As a course member, when I launch the Box integration LTI tool, take me to the designated folder for my role if the folder exists, else take me to the root of my Box account

  • LMSA-1026 - As a course member, I want Box groups created for the entire course and for each role so I can easily share Box assets with my classmates

  • LMSA-1611 - As the course instructor, I want users who dropped or were manually removed from the course to be removed from Box groups for the course so they no longer have access to course assets

  • LMSA-1679 - As a user with a disability, I want the Start a New Course form to incorporate best practices in accessibility so I can use the tool easily

  • LMSA-1573 - View'em: 400 error - After submitting a valid file, if the user cancels on the preview screen

  • LMSA-1712 - View'em: Unpublished worksheets should display a gray link

  • LMSA-1821 - Withdrawn Student Grades report does not have alternating row styling

  • LMSA-1823 - View'em Bug

  • LMSA-1854 - Existing guest accounts receive 500 error when trying to log in

  • LMSA-1855 - Trying to create a guest account gives internal error

  • LMSA-1864 - Intermittent 500 error when trying to load View'em

  • LMSA-1870 - Guest account email addresses not confirmed, preventing users from receiving emails

  • LMSA-1221 - Refactor CSVService to use opencsv CSVReader and CSVWriter

  • LMSA-1636 - Refactor common css and js to either lms-build or a new "dummy" app

  • LMSA-1689 - 16 PI 1: Check and update code libraries as necessary

  • LMSA-1782 - Address Critical issues from sonar

  • LMSA-1822 - Investigate instability in the git develop branch of lms 

January 28, 2016
  • LMSA-1784 - Check proxy dependency versions for latest version
  • LMSA-1743 - Implement proxy caching (disabled in production)
  • LMSA-1741 - Add configuration to turn caching on and off (currently off) 
January 7, 2016
  • LMSA-1565 - As an Instructor, I want to see a report that shows when users were added and removed from my course so I can accommodate late adds and report on students who dropped
    • LMSA-1645 - Add service methods to redshift services to get roster status information
    • LMSA-1646 - Update report handler with the new service method
    • LMSA-1647 - Add role checking to secure reports
    • LMSA-1710 - Change the page title to "Roster Status Report"
    • LMSA-1713 - The title for non-sis courses displays 'null' for the course
    • LMSA-1717 - Some records are duplicated in the report due to the user having multiple logins
    • LMSA-1720 - The role permissions for report is using the view'em permissions
    • LMSA-1730 - Display friendly error message when user doesn't have permission to view report
    • LMSA-1732 - Do not include the user named "Test Student" (if user exists) in report
  • LMSA-1728 - Grade Report for Dropped Students: Refinement and Bug Fixes
    • LMSA-1727 - Grade Report for Dropped Students needs page title name changed
    • LMSA-1731 - Display friendly error message when user doesn't have permission to view report
    • LMSA-1735 - 500 error after launching report - java.lang.NumberFormatException
    • LMSA-1760 - Users duplicated in Grade Report due to having multiple logins
    • LMSA-1761 - Grade Report not displaying sections for non-sis course/sections
    • LMSA-1719 - The Grade Report for Dropped Students shows 'null' in title for non-sis courses
  • LMSA-1714 - Add javadoc generation to the release process and documentation
  • LMSA-1410LMS Gateway: Clean up extraneous files and code
  • LMSA-1672 - Production will have its own password and all the other test environments will use the ams-test password
    • LMSA-1744 Implement the multi-environment propertiess
  • LMSA-1771Viewem save/publish/unpublish button actions result in stacktrace 
  • JS Override to allow auto-height for iframes placed in WYSIWWYG content
  • Roster Status Report LTI installed globally
  • Grade report for dropped students LTI installed globally
  • Enable "Gradebook - List Students by Sortable Name" to On status
December 28, 2015 
  •  Canvas
    • Turn on new Canvas User Interface globally
    • Hide "High Contrast UI" globally via JS/CSS
December 19th, 2015 
  •  Canvas
    • ePub exports feature option enabled globally in the "alllow" setting
December 17th, 2015 
  •  Canvas
    • InQuizitive LTI tool added globally to Canvas
    • JS/CSS - hide the ability for users to change default/primary email address
    • Renamed current default term as "Manually Created 2016" and set this term to expire on December 31, 2016
December 3, 2015
  •  Canvas 
    • LMSA-1332 - As an Instructor, I want to be able to print the any view of the photo roster so I can take it with me to class
      • LMSA-1595UI for the Print button and open a new tab
      • LMSA-1596UI for one user per line for Photo Roster
      • LMSA-1593Implement a Print button
      • LMSA-1629In Grid view, IE and Chrome are only printing 2 and three records per row
    • LMSA-1614Promote site request form from experimental to default tool
      • LMSA-1615Modify lms-build pom to make site request a default tool
    • LMSA-1637Site Request Form icons missing
    • LMSA-1633 - All icons for editing View'em are missing
    • LMSA-1194Split out we can control and the ones we can't (prd db password)
      • LMSA-1602Add new properties file name into the LMS Configuration file
      • LMSA-1600Separate items to a new properties file
    • LMSA-1557Investigate improved pagination support
    • LMSA-1026As a course member, I want Box groups created for the entire course and for each role so I can easily share Box assets with my classmates
      • LMSA-1607 - Create the LTI tool for Box integration
    • LMSA-1017As a student, when I click the Share with my advisor button in the submissions panel of a file upload assignment, I want the system to push a copy of my submission and associated pre-existing metadata to the AdRx system so my advisor can view it
      • LMSA-1544Create LTI controller that receives a course, user, and assignment id
      • LMSA-1547Generate index file
      • LMSA-1550Display on-screen confirmation message
    • LMSA-758As an instructor, I need to be able to view the grades of students who have withdrawn from my course so I know whether they were passing at the time of withdrawal
      • LMSA-1554Create controller method to build up the data for the report
      • LMSA-1552Create services to read from redshift database
      • LMSA-1555 - Create report UI
      • LMSA-1553Create configuration to get access to redshift database(s)
    • "Start a new Course" LTI installed globally including JS/CSS overrides of "Start a new Course" button
November 19, 2015
  • Canvas (LMSA-1539)
    • LMSA-1448 - HTTP 500 Error for Legitimate User
    • LMSA-1481 - Modify batch job to incorporate grading schemes into CourseMessages
    • LMSA-1482 - Modify the CourseMessageHandler to deal with grading schemes
    • LMSA-1487 - Create a REST service to GET batch email entries
    • LMSA-1489 - Create a REST service to update batch email entries
    • LMSA-1492 - Create a REST service to create batch email entries
    • LMSA-1494 - Create a REST service to delete batch email entries
    • LMSA-1496 - Create REST endpoint to take an user entry and put it into the AQ
    • LMSA-1497 - Create REST endpoint to take a course/section entry and put it into the AQ
    • LMSA-1498 - Create REST endpoint to take an enrollment entry and put it into the AQ
    • LMSA-1531 - Adjust field size
    • LMSA-1532 - Validate data and provide an error if necessary
    • LMSA-1535 - Create java jpa entity class to represent the data structure
    • LMSA-1536 - Create table
    • LMSA-1538 - Create REST webservice to interact with the table
    • LMSA-1540 - Populate table with data
    • LMSA-1541 - SQL for 11/19 (3.7)
    • LMSA-1542 - Properties for 11/19 (3.7)
    • LMSA-1544 - Create LTI controller that receives a course, user, and assignment id
    • LMSA-1567 - 500 error on put statement to update email
    • LMSA-1572 - Investigate whether this problem is bring caused by the Oracle AQ job,
    • LMSA-1578 - Remove "Close" button from error screen
November 5, 2015
  • Canvas
    • LMSA-1468 - SIS Roster Status Report: Make active sort more obvious
    • LMSA-1469 - SIS Roster Status Report: Change Title to SIS Roster Status Report

    • LMSA-1526 - SIS Roster Status Report: Take SIS Roster Status Report out of experimental mode

    • LMSA-1462 - Canvas Gateway: Remove link from gateway and guest account

    • LMSA-1463 - Canvas Gateway: Remove hero image from gateway

    • LMSA-1464 - AQ Provisioning: Enable a test mode for the AQ provisioning that doesn't pull data from the SUDS feeds (not used in production)

    • LMSA-1471 - AQ Provisioning: Include imail and umail email addresses when provisioning users

    • LMSA-1502 - AQ Provisioning: Enable jmsListener in the properties

    • LMSA-1503 - AQ Provisioning: Don't process BL-BUKD and BL-BUEX for student enrollments

    • LMSA-1508 - AQ Provisioning: Edit the entries to make restarting the jmsListener more resilient

    • LMSA-1515 - AQ Provisioning: If a user's primary email address changes, add the new email address to Canvas

    • LMSA-1518 - AQ Provisioning: AQ provisioning for courses to include the recent terms

    • LMSA-1511 - Batch: Review all brte scripts and adjust ERROR_CODE values where appropriate

    • LMSA-1447 - Site Request: IE11: Icon (envelope) for mailto: not displaying (not exposed in production)

    • LMSA-1449 - Site Request: Site Request Form very sluggish (not exposed in production)

    • BadgeSafe LTI installed at the IU account level, course navigation is hidden by default
  • Proxy
October 22, 2015
  • LMSA-1434 Add constraint to table PROXY_IU_AUTH
  • LMSA-1405 Proxy: make USERID in token table PROXY_IU_AUTH a unique constraint
  • LMSA-1419 site request: 500 error if non-instructor tries to access form
  • LMSA-1459 site request: move form and confirmation box closer to top of page
  • LMSA-1458 site request: Remove Cancel and Close Buttons from form and confirmation page
  • LMSA-1450 site request: Modify error message
  • LMSA-1421 site request: URL for course should be the actual URL
  • LMSA-1452 site request: Update URL for KB article on confirmation screen
  • LMSA-1431 site request: New courses should be assigned to a term corresponding to current year
  • LMSA-906 Build report using canvas api according to acceptance criteria
  • LMSA-1426 roster status report: Change font family to "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"
  • LMSA-1429 roster status report: Set "Show X Entries" default to "All"
  • LMSA-1430 roster status report: Add "All" to "Show X Entries"
  • LMSA-1427 roster status report: change timestamp format to HH:MM: AM/PM
  • LMSA-1428 roster status report: Move "Show X Entries to Right"(left of search box)
  • LMSA-1432 roster status report: When opening Excel file, Firefox does not recognize file type
  • LMSA-1415 View'em: change spreadsheet upload to be case insensitive for userids
  • Updated Grader course role, this role can now message an entire course in Canvas (role originally created 09/18/2015)
October 8, 2015
  • Canvas
  • LMSA-1318 View'em: If more than one tab open in browser, session variables are kept from first course
    • LMSA-1380 Instructor Unable to Upload CSV to View'em
    • LMSA-870 Poll IMS feed for new/updated identity records
    • LMSA-872 Develop JMS listeners to process messages
    • LMSA-947 Polls SUDS feed for new/updated hierarchy records
    • LMSA-1240 Add new field to the table
    • LMSA-1241 Adjust REST endpoints to account for the new field
    • LMSA-1256 Future proof the model objects that map to canvas objects
    • LMSA-1258 Create html page representing the form
    • LMSA-1259 Create backend controller for the form rendering and submitting
    • LMSA-1375 remove the Canvas link
    • LMSA-1387 Remove onestart menu item
    • LMSA-1394 Push CSV upload for hierarchy
    • LMSA-1395 Create new web module in the code to hold reports
    • LMSA-1396 Make an LTI hook for the report
    • LMSA-1397 Prepend the term to the front of the course name
    • LMSA-1404 Create new service to lookup a user from the IMS table
    • LMSA-1413 Add email notifications to NURS batch departmental provisioning job
    • LMSA-1418 Use a Canvas rest call to dynamically generate the license dropdown
    • LMSA-1214 Proxy: create some field that allows tracking the owner of a group account proxy token owners
    • LMSA-1401 Refactor the template location so that things don't get mixed up when we combine all the webapps into one war
  • Proxy
    • Initial release, no production users yet
October 01, 2015 
  • Add Taskstream LTI tool to all regional campus nodes in Canvas
  • Add Taskstream Assignments LTI (tool not used in course navigation)
September 24, 2015
  • LMSA-1278 500 error when clicking on View'em in menu
  • LMSA-1307 Canvas by Instructure app link not appearing on mobile devices
  • LMSA-1293 500 error if you upload a spreadsheet in a site with no students
  • LMSA-1261 Check that the user is an instructor in canvas
  • LMSA-1227 Add new WI15 semester properties to the Canvas provisioning job
  • LMSA-1369 Add a name anchor to the Guest Account page and update the link on the Gateway
  • LMSA-1373 Rename the brte automated SQL release job
  • LMSA-1300 Enable Site Request
  • LMSA-1372 Disable Site Request
  • LMSA-1336 Canvas Gateway: visuallyhidden class missing in css
  • LMSA-1368 FW: Accessibility Concern with Webpage
  • ForClass LTI integrated with the IU node of Canvas (Course navigation hidden by default)
  • BluePulse LTI integrated with the BL node of Canvas (Course navigation hidden by default)
September 18, 2015 
  • Grader Course role added to Canvas - based off the TA role however this role limits the user to grading functionality as they cannot create or edit course content
September 10, 2015
  • LMSA-1169 Implement ITCO Enhancements to the Canvas Gateway
  • LMSA-1285 Canvas Gateway has local version of cssFiles.css
  • LMSA-1262 IU Photo Roster Won't Display Pictures in IE11
  • LMSA-791 View'em: As an instructor, I want to be able to view what each student sees when they open a worksheet in the tool, so I can respond to student questions about the data
  • LMSA-792 View'em: As an instructor, I want to be able to view the complete data in any uploaded worksheet so I can decide what to do with it
  • LMSA-793 View'em: As an instructor, I want to be able to delete a worksheet I have uploaded to the tool so my students can no longer view it 
  • LMSA-795 View'em: As an instructor, I want to be able to change the title, visibility, or CSV for any worksheet in the tool
  • LMSA-1222 View'em: As an instructor, when I upload a new worksheet to View'em, I want the option to Save without publishing in addition to Save & Publish
  • LMSA-1223 View'em: As a student or instructor, if there are no (published) worksheets in View'em, show me a message so I don't think the tool is broken
  • LMSA-1281 LMS REST calls need to use stateless authentication
  • Various AQ enhancements (disabled in production)
  • CN Post LTI Updated to appear by default in all Canvas course sites in the course navigation
  • Online Course Questionnaire (Blue Explorance) and OCQ Student Login LTI added to the IN and CO nodes in Canvas (enabled in course nav by default)
  • View 'EM LTI added at the IU node level (disabled by default in course navigation)
  • Lockdown Browser LTI no longer reflects as a pilot in the course navigation
August 13, 2015
  • LMSA-659Implement ITCO Redesign of Canvas Gateway Page
  • LMSA-1043 IU Guest Accounts aren't linking with Canvas Accounts
  • LMSA-268 As an instructor, I want my new courses to have a default grading scheme similar to the scheme in Oncourse
  • LMSA-973 As a student in a cancelled class, if my enrollment is dropped from the class I want to be removed from the class in Canvas so I don't see irrelevant assignments and due dates.
  • LMSA-782View'em: As an instructor, I want to upload one or more CSV files with student grades and comments, so my students can view the data that relate to them (disabled in production)
  • LMSA-790View'em: As an instructor, I want to see the list of the data files i have uploaded, so I can perform various actions on them (disabled in production)
  • LMSA-796View'em: As a student, I want to see a list of worksheets that have been uploaded to the tool, so I can view one of them (disabled in production)
  • Lockdown Browser LTI updated to now be disable by default in course navigation
  • Pearson MyLabsPlus LTI added at the IU account level in Canvas (Course Navigation disabled by default)
August 6, 2015 
  • MediatSite 7 LTI added to IUSM account (enabled by default in course navigation)
  • iRubric added to BL and NW-ED accounts (disabled by default in course navigation)
  • Dropthought added to IU account (disable by default in course navigation)


July 30, 2015
  • LMSA-136 Configure automated application notifications to go to a special email list
  • LMSA-961 Remove the webapps related cron code
  • LMSA-1038 BaseService's methods need some better error handling
  • LMSA-1039 Improve the error handling of getJerseyResultList method
  • LMSA-1051 Enhance proxy server storage to hash token in the database
  • LMSA-1061 Change property to point at the proxy instead of actual canvas
  • LMSA-1066 Deal with hashing the token 
  • LMSA-1071 Change email notifications to be from a non-interactive address
  • LMSA-1072 Change the mail.from value in
  • LMSA-1079 Rename code base from postem to viewem
  • LMSA-1082 "Bad Request" when logging in to beta via proxy
  • LMSA-1085 Add db property to enable/disable use of proxy for lms calls
  • LMSA-1086 Canvas Course Title Changes Reverting Overnight
  • LMSA-1088 Version lms artifacts so that they can be used on the membrane side
  • LMSA-1117 Need to copy instead of mv it for jgitflow release process to work
  • "Outcomes Manager" account role added to the IU account
July 16, 2015
July 9, 2015 
  •  Canvas
    • The following LTI tools were removed from the IU account and added to each campus account in order to remove the tool from accounts that they did not apply to (IUSM)
      • SIS Grade Roster
      • SIS Performance Roster
      • Campus Course Policies
July 2, 2015
  • LMSA-930 Minor gateway tweaks
  • LMSA-987 Remove the cron from for the Canvas provisioning job
June 25, 2015
 Meta Ticket for Release - 2015-06-25: (C)  
  • LMSA-877 On the Canvas gateway, the "title" for the Trident logo should be "Indiana University"
  • LMSA-889 Update login URLs for authenticating IU and IU guest users to Canvas on Canvas Gateway
June 11, 2015
 Meta Ticket for Release - 2015-06-11: (C)  
  • LMSA-619 Add new FA15 term to Canvas Provisioning Job
  • LMSA-695 Single service call to wrap PropertiesService and DbPropertiesService 
  • LMSA-505 On Canvas Gateway, open UITS and IU links in a new tab
  • LMSA-696 Guest Account Creation:  Generic error message when password doesn't pass muster
  • LMSA-154 Refactor Canvas Provisioning code into batch environment
  •  Canvas
    • Updated Online Course Questionnaire (Blue Explorance) LTI to be viewed by instructors only in the BL account
    • Added new OCQ Student Login (Blue Explorance) LTI to simplify the student OCG process as students were seeing admin options in prior setup
    • Hide "High Contrast UI" globally via JS/CSS
May 28, 2015 
  •  Canvas
    • Taskstream Assignments added to IN and CO account
    • BluePulse added to CO node
    • Piazza LTI updated to be disabled in course navigation by default
    • SIS Performance Grade Roster added to the IU account (disabled by default in course navigation)
May 27, 2015 
  •  Canvas
    • SIS Grade Roster LTI added to IU account (disabled by default in course navigation)
May 4, 2015 
  •  Canvas
    • Removed the previous version of the Cengage LTI tool from the IU account
    • Added the new Cengage LTI tool to the IU account in Canvas (disabled by default in course navigatio
April 2, 2015
  •  Meta Ticket for Release - 2015-04-02: (A)  
    • LMSA-380 Add new SU15 term to Canvas Provisioning Job
    • LMSA-299 Update the Canvas hierarchy with the latest term
    • LMSA-346 Use js override method to create an export button in canvas gradebook ui
    • LMSA-498 As a department, I want to use emplIDs in the enrollments.csv file for regular IU users, so I don't need to change my current procedures for generating the files
    • LMSA-457 Department MOOC enrollment - new csv file gets read again on subsequent runs
  • Canvas
    • Custom Admin role for IUSM account called IUSM - Admin
    • Custom Course role for all IU courses titled Co-Instructor (created to help with issue of instructors being removed from a course to to being removed as instructor or record via SIS)

March 12, 2015
  •  Metaticket for Canvas Web Apps Release LMSA-385  
    • LMSA-213 LTI authorization needs to be tied to a particular tool
    • LMSA-301 Consolidate redundant properties
    • LMSA-82 Deep links to SIS Performance Roster
    • LMSA-84 Deep link to SIS PUL Evaluation Roster
    • LMSA-87 Deep link to SIS Final Grade Roster
    • LMSA-87LMSA-87LMSA-87LMSA-38 Deep link to IUPUI Library Resources
  • Canvas
    • Remove "Add App" button in Course settings and admin settings via JS/CSS overrides
    • Changed Canvas login redirect to
    • created an admin role in the IU account for badgesafe called bs_admin (admin role has no admin rights)
March 12, 2015
  •  Metaticket for Canvas Batch Release LMSA-361
    •  LMSA-170 Bulk provisioning of guest accounts 
    •  LMSA-173 Bulk provisioning of guest enrollments
February 12, 2015
    •  Metaticket for Canvas Release LMSA-294 
      • LMSA-171 As a university administrator, I want graduating seniors to see a personalized link to their NSSE survey when they log in to Canvas to increase the survey response rate 
        • LMSA-197 Add emplId to final data file based on the id given in the input file
        • LMSA-198 Process data file and create canvas "message" for each student  
        • LMSA-260 code need to be adjusted according to the real input file  
        • LMSA-300 Add space between "(learn about NSSE here):" and link to invitation  
        • LMSA-302 Create and Use new Admin Account and Token for NSSE Sender  
        • LMSA-318 Use email to send the status report out  
        • LMSA-354 Add parameters to control the length of the records in NSSE job 
      • LMSA-174 As a prospective LMS User,  I want to be able to create a guest account from the Canvas IU Launch page so that I don't have to go to another system 
        • LMSA-311 Data entered into the form is lost if user clicks Password Guidelines link
      • LMSA-175 As a LMS User, I want to be able to login via a guest account as soon as my guest account has been validated so that I have immediate access to Canvas
      • LMSA-157 Make code changes to account for AMS guest account services returning last name and first name switched
      • LMSA-158 Wire up our services with spring for injection
      • LMSA-249 Photo Roster clean up
        • LMSA-201 Show role name without "enrollment" suffix; i.e; Teacher, Student, TA, Designer, etc.
        • LMSA-248 In combined courses, show instructors with section restrictions only their own students
        • LMSA-250 Change CSV Export Filename to PhotoRoster-:SIS Site ID_:Date
      • LMSA-259 Add missing property to next release for photoroster
      • LMSA-298 Group the refactored more appropriately
      • LMSA-307 LMS Gateway copyright make it dynamic
      • LMSA-313 Gateway page - footer: Privacy Notice does not open in new page/tab
      • LMSA-314 Remove Fall 2014 semester from the Oncourse & Canvas course and roster enrollment jobs
      • LMSA-324 grades webservice got NPE for invalid course
      • LMSA-328 NPE on guest account password reset
January 29, 2015
    • As a Canvas teacher, I want the instructions and sample data in the + People dialog to refer to usernames instead of email addresses so it does not mislead me CAN-377
January 8, 2015
December 18, 2014
    • Course ID for each Course is now Read Only and cannot be edited in Course Details page CAN-378
December 4, 2014
    • As an SIS developer, I need early access to a new API that exposes Canvas grades so that I can develop the backend process to import grades CAN-165
    • As a teacher, I need a static link to the Faculty Center in my courses so I can manipulate grades  CAN-323
    • As an instructor, I want to transfer final grades from my Canvas course to the corresponding grade roster in SIS so grades can be recorded and added to transcripts CAN-178
    • As an LMS support personnel, I need to be able to access a record of grades submitted, so I can help explain when questions arise CAN-173
    • Create LMS SIS_GRADE_AUDIT table for auditing SIS final grades submission CAN-313
    • Establish place to authorize consumers of the LTI tool CAN-317 
    • Add support for the provisioning job to email out the success/ failure status details CAN-300
November 6, 2014
    • Open the new Spring 2015 semester to Faculty/Admin ONC-6699
    • Enable second identify provider in Canvas for authenticating IU guest accounts
October 23, 2014
    • Suppress BL-BUEX & BUKD from Canvas roster enrollment for future semester CAN-212
    • Add REST endpoint to LMS APP CAN-183
    • Pull Roster information for given course from Canvas or LMS ServiceCAN-185
    • Filter the current Roster to get the student role roster CAN-188
    • Get the real grades for the students via Canvas API CAN-189
    • Constrain Authorization based on multiple shared secret authentications CAN-184
    • Enable environment check on canvas gateway to detect non prod environment CAN-193
    • Enable "Show the email address of sender for user interaction Notifications" in global settings.
October 10, 2014
    • Allow students to message entire class
October 2, 2014
    • eXplorance Blue LTI integration
    • Automate user provisioning
Sept 25, 2014
    • Add new student role called Instructor-Added Students.
    • Taskstream LTI integration
Sept. 18, 2014
    • In Canvas Notifications, change display name for sender from Instructure Canvas to IU Canvas
Sept 11, 2014
    • Allow instructors to edit the name and course code (short name) for their own courses
    • Pearson MyLab and Mastering LTI integration
Sept 4, 2014
    • Add Canvas Feedback Form to Help menu
    • Add second LTI instance of Courseload for Modules
    • Add a new "Librarian" role with permissions equivalent to "Teacher"
    • Add VoiceThread One as a global LTI tool
Aug 28, 2014
    • Update first and last names in user accounts with preferred names.
Aug 21, 2014
    • Deploy branding CSS and JS for Kelley School of Business (BL-BUKD-GRP, BL-BUEX-GRP, IN-BUS, IN-BUSG, IN-BUPA)
Aug 11, 2014
    • Courseload account migration; reconfigure LTI tool
Aug 9, 2014
    • Regenerate Admin Tokens after shard split
Aug 7, 2014
    • Deploy CSS and JS override files to BL-BUKD-GRP, BL-BUEX-GRP
August 1
    • CAN-66 - Getting issue details... STATUS Hide "Permanently Delete This Course" Button
    • CAN-39 - Getting issue details... STATUS Hide "Delete My Account" link
    • CAN-10 - Getting issue details... STATUS Hide "Conclude This Course" button
    • CAN-10 - Getting issue details... STATUS Rename "Reset Course" button to "Delete All Course Content"
    • CAN-97 - Getting issue details... STATUS Hide "Report a Problem" link and add link to UITS Support Center Form
    • Turning Technologies Student Response System integration enabled
    • McGraw Hill Campus Connect Digital Learning Tool integration deployed globally
July 31, 2014
    • Course site storage quota increased to 4GB
    • User personal storage quota increased to 1GB
    • Cengage Mind Links Digital Learning Tool integration deployed globally
July 25, 2014

CAN-34 - Getting issue details... STATUS Implement organizational hierarchy

July 23, 2014
    • Kaltura integration (Next.IU pilot)
July 17, 2014
    • Deploy global CSS override with IU branding
July 2. 2014
    • Echo360 integration
    • Ensemble Video integration (Next.IU pilot)
June 12, 2014
    • CAN-1 - Getting issue details... STATUS Deploy Canvas Redirector tool in Oncourse
    • CAN-6 - Getting issue details... STATUS Deploy Canvas Gateway page and scaffolding application
    • CAN-45 - Getting issue details... STATUS Load FA14 courses
June 11, 2014 and earlier
    • Hide Faculty Journal tool
    • Enable EduApp Center Whitelist
    • Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor integration
    • Allow teachers to create new courses

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