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  • How do I schedule a conference room for a meeting?
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The conference rooms in all of the SoIC buildings are scheduled using Meeting Room Manager via the following link:

From there, you will be able to check room availability, find room capacities and features, and reserve the room.

When scheduling your room, please remember to include any necessary time for set up (technical, catering, etc) and tear-down.

Please note that not all rooms can be self-scheduled.  In particular, scheduling for Lindley Hall Room 102 is controlled by the Registrar at all times (including weekends) except for Friday afternoons from Noon-6pm. To schedule LH102 outside of Friday afternoon, you can contact Classroom Scheduling at 855-2489. Other rooms not available for reservation via MRM include Wells Library 031 and 033 (registrar controlled) and Wells Library 007. (Controlled by James Bond 855-2018)

If you find that you need to reserve any other room and do not have sufficient permissions, or have any other problems with the room reservation system, please let us know.