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Most classrooms are controlled by the IU Registrar.

To reserve a classroom for a class (or to alter your class reservation) contact Luddy School Academic Operations -

To reserve a classroom for a meeting/event, use the campus event request form via the following link:

If it's your first time logging into Microsoft Sharepoint, you may have to enter your credentials. You must format your email address as <username> when logging in.

Looking for a building calendar or quick info about a room? Click here: 25Live calendar view and room details

Reserving a room for your meeting or event:

Use this link:

or navigate to and log in (if necessary).

Start the "25LivePro" task:

Review welcome banner as-needed.

Click Create an Event:

Fill out the requested fields:

Under "Locations Search" choose "Luddy Availability" to see Luddy Hall, or "BL SICE Locations" to search school-wide:

or You may also search by building:

Click the "X" next to "Your Starred Locations" to reset the search box

Type in a building name or building code (Luddy Hall is "BLIF", Myles Brand Hall is "BLI") and click "Search"

Select "Reserve Room" from among the locations found:

the "Expected Head Count" field above will filter the rooms you see.

Finally, you must select a category:

Save your event:

Requests for some rooms are automatically processed. If an approval is needed, you will receive an email when your request has been processed.

If you have any other problems with the room reservation system, please let us know!!