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  • How do I get the HP M4345 copier to staple a landscape job in the upper left corner?
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The HP M4345 multi-function copier/printer/scanner has a built-in stapler so it can automatically collate and staple your jobs. However, the stapler is only capable of stapling in one corner which, by default, ends up being the upper left corner for portrait jobs and the upper right corner for landscape jobs. This default is almost certainly what you want for portrait jobs but you may find that it is not what you want for landscape jobs.

Here is the procedure you can follow to make landscape copies that are stapled in the upper left corner:

  1. Select the Copy function on the front panel
  2. Set the Sides setting to: 2 sided original, 2 sided output. Note that you must select this option, even if what you are doing is single sided.
  3. Set the Content Orientation setting to: Landscape
  4. Set the Staple/Collate setting to: Top right angled
  5. Load your job into the feeder upside down with the right edge of the page into the feeder first. If you have it correct, the corner you want stapled will be away from you and to the right.
  6. Select the number of copies and copy like normal.

One downside of doing this is that the staple will be backwards but it should still look fine. This procedure also only works for 2-sided to 2-sided or 1-sided to 1-sided copies. If you want to go from 2-sided to 1-sided, or vice versa, just make one (unstapled) copy first that has the right number of sides and use that copy to make all of your stapled copies.