Welcome to the School of Informatics and Computing! The IT and Facilities teams at the School would like to do as much as possible to ease your transition. The School is fortunate to have professional staff with years of experience in a breadth of technical disciplines. In addition, we have professional staff trained in classroom, conference room, and facilities support. We understand that it is easy to get overwhelmed when coming into a new environment. Summarized below are some key resources that you will need for your work here.

Getting Help

At SoIC, help is quickly and easily available! Whether you need help with technology, facilities, purchasing, website, travel, or a general question, the SoIC Service Desk is here to help.  Simply complete this Service Request form or send an email to soichelp@indiana.edu 

 You are also welcome to stop by at either Informatics West room 204 or Lindley Hall room 428 which are staffed from 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday. No matter which option you choose, we're here to help!

Take a few moments to browse the SoIC Knowledge Base (KB) take a look at the sections entitled Top Questions and Quick Links to better understand the information hosted in this intranet SoIC portal. For quick and convenient access to SoIC KB, a link entitled 'intranet' is in the bottom right corner of every page on the SoIC website. 


Your initial computing account at IU will be created through University Information Technology Services (UITS) account creation interface: https://itaccounts.iu.edu.  There is a very good reference in the UITS Knowledge Base that describes the process: http://kb.iu.edu/data/achn.html. This interface allows users to create accounts on a variety of University systems. If you are having problems with your accounts take a look at this SoIC Knowledge Base article on troubleshooting the issue: Account and Email Problem Debugging Flowchart.

Building Access

Lindley Hall

Building access in this facility uses your IU ID card. To learn more about ID cards see Campus Card Services. After getting your new ID card, take it to Lindley Hall 215 to have it entered into the building system. In addition to your card, you will need to provide your ID number. You will have 24-hour access to the building as well as several computer labs, conference rooms, and the kitchen. You may request additional access as needed (research group labs, office suite where you are assigned, etc). You may also receive a set of keys for offices.

If you lose your card, please report it immediately to Lynne in LH215.

Informatics East & West

Simply complete this Service Request form or send an email to soichelp@indiana.edu  and ask for a building access card.  Include your name and IU username (your IU email address).  You'll receive 24-hour access to the buildings, plus access to classrooms, meeting/conference rooms, and computer labs (West 109 is a general-use and classroom lab and West 010 is a graduate student lab).  If you need access beyond these areas (your office, the lab you work in, etc) please include this information in your request.  When your request is completed and your card is ready, you will receive an email instructing you to pick up your new card from West 204.

Wells Library

To obtain Building access to this facility send email to  soichelp@indiana.edu.

University Information Technology Service (UITS)

School of Informatics and Computing Infrastructure and Technology Group (ITG)

Our ITG team of professionals has years of experience in a broad spectrum of technology disciplines. If you have technology needs pertaining to your research or teaching and would like to discuss specifics with a senior technology staff member, simply complete this Service Request form or send an email to soichelp@indiana.edu and a team member will contact you.  The SoIC ITG team is known campus-wide for excellence in support to staff and faculty.

Take a look at the Top Questions asked of the SoIC IT Team.

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News and Events

Stay informed about what is happening at the school through the www.soic.indiana.edu homepage, master calendar of events, and our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube.

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