Is it your first day on the job? Still trying to learn the ins and outs of SICE? Learn how to hit the ground running at your new workplace.

Training for New Employees


New employees will be invited to a campus-wide orientation shortly after their first day. Visit the UHR Employment website for additional information.

Buddy Program

Some new employees may use SICE'S Buddy Program, wherein a manager assigns the new employee to a coworker—or “Buddy”—to act as a mentor and help the new hire integrate effectively with the workplace. The Buddy's role is flexible, and the manager must decide how the Buddy Program will work for your new hire and existing team.

Managers and Buddies should use the following guides to ensure the new employee is being acquainted with all aspects of SICE:

Buddy Program Overview

Tips for assigning buddies

Tips for buddies

Accounts and Services

Creating an IU account

IU students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and guests can use the Account Management Service to create and manage their computing accounts and passphrases.

Employee Center

Use the employee center to access and update personal information, as well as payroll, tax, and benefit information.


The IU CrimsonCard is the official photo ID card for all campuses. It provides essential university services as well as secure entry to campus buildings. Employees may obtain a CrimsonCard from any campus card services location.

Facilities and IT Support

The SICE IT and Facilities groups manage the office and computer setup as well as ongoing facilities and IT support for SICE faculty, staff, and students.  Support can be requested using the Service Request Form or via email to  The SICE Knowledge Base ( also provides information and answers to frequently asked question related to various aspects of the school.


IU employees can purchase a parking permit through IU Parking Operations online or by visiting one of the on-campus offices. They have the option to pay in full or use a monthly, pre-tax deduction on their paycheck.

Onboarding checklist

New SICE employees will need to complete several steps once they begin work, partly with the help of their manager or supervisor.



Download the manager's onboarding guide for the full checklist and schedule of tasks.

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