March 25, 2020

Reason for Process

Luddy School is creating this process to manage shortages and surpluses in labor, and to try to help all staff have an equal opportunity to continue their employment.  With staff now working mostly remotely, the tasks they normally manage may no longer be possible to complete, at the same time new tasks are emerging that do not have staff resources.  Also, if staff become sick, this will create additional tasks without resources and will require additional reallocation. 

Keeping the process manageable

With over 900 staff employees in the school (includes over 600 student hourly) it would be almost impossible to manage a huge influx of staff needing work.  As such the current preference is to have supervisors and faculty reassign staff within their current work area to new tasks they can do under the current constraints.  

As the situation develops the school may put out calls for staff assistance in critical areas that have labor shortages.  Please be as flexible as possible in sharing staff resources during these calls.

If you currently have staff that do not have work that can be easily reassigned to them, or you have a need for assistance with tasks please follow the process below.

Process for collecting staff availability information

Supervisors/faculty should contact the Reallocation Coordinator at if they have employees that need additional work to bring staff up to their normal work hours.  Please share:

Process for collecting tasks needing assistance

Anyone with IU/Luddy tasks that need additional employee resources should contact the Reallocation Coordinator at  Please share:

Funding for reallocated staff 

Employees are being reallocated based on them already having funding for their current position.  An employee’s current funding source will not change based on newly assigned tasks, as such areas/faculty seeking assistance will receive the help at no cost to them/their area.

Should a Principal Investigator need to charge a reallocated person’s time to a grant to record effort, this can certainly be accommodated in conjunction with Luddy Payroll Office.

IU President’s Directive for Staff Pay Continuation

IU has recognized that in situations where supervisors determine* employees are unable to complete assigned work remotely or come to campus as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, they will continue to receive their full normal pay. (Message from President McRobbie on the COVID-19 global pandemic -Monday, March 23, 2020)

*Luddy Guidance for Supervisor Determination

All staff unable to fulfill their normal hours should be immediately referred to the Coordinator and Luddy HR Team (using to be evaluated for reallocation.  When no reallocation opportunities are currently available, supervisors (with approval from the Sr. EAD) can determine that staff would currently meet the president’s directive above.  The Coordinator will continue to try to reallocate all underutilized employees, based on tasks, employee availability, priority of work, skill sets, and other critical factors.