NOTE: If you are connecting to the Ad Astra system from outside of the IU network you will first need to make a VPN Connection

Conference rooms and common spaces in Luddy School buildings are scheduled using Ad Astra via the following link:

[Ad Astra On-Line Reservation System -|]

Most classrooms are controlled by IU Registrar. They are visible in the SICE scheduling grid, but will not appear in your list of spaces when submitting your room request.

To reserve a classroom for a class (or to alter your class reservation) contact Luddy School Academic Operations -

To reserve a classroom for a meeting/event, use the campus event request form via the following link:

[IUB Campus Event Request Form -|]

If it's your first time logging into Microsoft Sharepoint, you may have to enter your credentials. You must format your email address as <username> when logging in.

From within Ad Astra, you will be able to check room availability, find room capacities and types, and reserve the room.

When scheduling your room, please remember to include any necessary time for set up (technical, catering, etc) and tear-down.

Here are some helpful training videos to learn about Ad Astra at IU.

How to schedule a Luddy School conference room or common space:

  1. This will bring up the Luddy School Request Form.
  2. Complete the fields and submit.
  3. Your request will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email (the confirmation email WILL NOT arrive immediately).

How to see the current schedule for conference rooms and common spaces:

Click on the Calendars TAB and Scheduling Grids

Choose BL-SICE from the calendar pull-down:

IU building codes:

If you have any other problems with the room reservation system, please let us know!!